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Trump was never contrite, apologetic nor humbled.  Blinded by ambition, power, and notoriety, Trump did and continues to do what a self-center, frighten bully does.  Double down on whatever the narrative is.  If Trump was a child, I believe many of us would feel sorry for him, however, Trump is a seventh-four-year-old man behaving like a corrupt criminal frighten of being exposed.  Trump’s behavior is much similar to the people Americans once describe as ignorant,  folks who double down on their feelings rather than deal with the facts.  I know it’s uncomfortable, to speak in such fashion but Trump is an uncomfortable person to digest.

In my last blog, I spoke about how broken our democracy is.  Americans need the Republican Party to awake and face their Goliath as David did.  The rest of us need our Republican Congress and Senators to stand up to Trump and to rebuke, then demonstrate what Democracy truly looks like to this President.   Too often we’ve have given far too much energy and focus on Trump.  Maybe if we spent more energy focusing on the leaders in the Republican Party we could encourage them to do something.

I believe America’s Democracy is worth asking them to risk their Political career and yes, that means facing Trump’s no-nonsense supporters.

No longer can they respectfully claim to be the Party of Lincoln while at the same time relinquishing their power to a corruptable leader.   Character still matters to me, I hope it still matters to you; to do that which is right even if it means a temporary loss.  Doing what is right even when you think others are not watching, but because it is the right thing to do.

Now to those who continue to give an incoherent explanation and support for/to Trump I hope that you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if he represents your values.

Spiritually speaking:  Trump’s behavior and Character are totally opposite of Christ or any Spiritual Leaders that we’ve come to know (I am confused as to why The Religious Right supporters believe in him).  With all of that being said, history will not judge us by what we say (Senator Susan Collins) but by our actions.  Did we stand for Liberty and Justice or did we cave in under pressure to embrace our Party rather than our Country?

Seemingly every day, we wake up hearing about Trump breaking a new law since the Impeachment Trial.  Recently, he asked Governor Cumbo to lighten up on all those charges the State Of New York has against him, so he (Donald Trump) could do better business deals.  And now as I write

Prosecutors Quit Roger Stone Case After Justice Dept. Intervenes on Sentencing

President Trump had complained that the recommendation of seven to nine years in prison for his former adviser and longtime friend was a “miscarriage of justice.”


AFTER IMPEACHMENT it’s clear to see that this man is Out-Of-Control!

Politicians and Political pundits are critical of the Democrats Candidates, thinking they may not have what it takes to win over Trump. Oddly enough, before Impeachment, they had almost every Candidate beating Donald Trump. And now, we’re supposed to believe these very same people claiming that the Democratic Candidates are too weak to win?  Maybe these Pundits are concerned about television ratings, or maybe they’re thrilled by a horse race, at this point I’m uncertain of their motives but I can’t judge them. However, what I can state clearly is that the SOUL of  Our DEMOCRACY is at HAND, we cannot continue playing Politics as usual.   The State Of Our Union is Broken, we all must take responsibility if by grace we can put it back together.

I believe we need the Republican Party to stand up to Donald Trump, If we are to Take Our Country Back, If we are To continue DEMOCRACY, If we are to enjoy Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness, If we are to abide by the Consitution and The Rule Of Law.  America needs Republicans to put the values of America first.  It’s been written long ago that Disruption and defeat can sometimes come from surprising places, “For it was not an enemy that reproached me, then I could have borne it, neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me, then I would have hid myself from him”    (Psalm 55:12).

America is left in the hands of a lunatic, a man drunken with power…AFTER IMPEACHMENT


*New York Times


















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A songwriter once asked, “What becomes of a Broken Heart”? Americans are now asking, what becomes of a DEMOCRACY BROKEN?  What do we do when Justice fails when Guilt is Innocent and Facts are Alternative?   What do we do when the President commits a crime, covers it up,  prevents witnesses from testifying?

We are on an uncharted territory as a Nation.  Most of us grew up believing we had three branches of Government and that they were coequal in Power.  All of us grew up knowing you had witnesses in Trials.   You know DEMOCRACY is BROKEN when you have a Trial without witnesses.  Just how does one explain this, what will be the ramification from this action.  It’s amazing what Politicians will do to stay in power.  Apparently, the Republican Senators have sold their Souls to Trump in the hope to stay in power.  After all, Trump has proven that divisive rhetoric and racism win elections and now corruption and Abuse Of Power will keep you in Power.


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It’s midnight in America and I’m frightened that day-light might not ever come.  We all know who Donald Trump is, but, what is most troubling to me is that he could have boastfully (and he did say I’m guilty as SIN), allowed every document to appear, allowed everyone to testify and yet those Republican Senators would have done what that did…NOTHING!   Frightening?  Hell yeah!  Secondly, we know his Propaganda Machine (Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio) is always ready and willing to support his every wish.  My Fellow Americans The State Of Our Union Is Broken.

Today, many of us are wondering what do we, how do we, where do we start to bring back some sense of sanity?  Is the divide too wide?   Is it even possible to put this damn Genie back in the bottle?

This Senate Impeachment Trial should have united Progressives, Liberals, and all Democrats to be MAD AS HELL…I know I am.


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Trump’s character is unquestionably the worst we’ve seen as a President in the White House.  And to watch him get away with doing so much wrong is upsetting.  Four years ago he used Russia to smear Senator Clinton with E-Mail attack Ads.  This upcoming election he will allow/use Russia once again to smear opponent VP Biden with Bursima attack Ads.  Sadly, VP Biden may not win the nomination because of the Trump smear campaign during his Impeachment Trial.

As long as Trump is in the White House DEMOCRACY will continue to be BROKEN unless we take action.   Voting seems to be our only recourse  and remedy at this time otherwise,

“If Right Doesn’t Matter,

If Right doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how good the Constitution is

It doesn’t matter how brilliant the Framers were

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the advocacy of this Trial is

Doesn’t matter how well written the Oath of Impartiality

If Right doesn’t matter

 We’re Lost”

*AXIOS  Poll:  75% of Americans say, witnesses should testify at Impeachment Trial.



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Well, well, Impeachment has finally come to Donald Trump.  My question is, what took so long?

Donald Trump has put the Republican Party through a lot,  most have
gone willingly along with him.  Kids ln cages, Trade War, Protecting Putin,
honoring KimJong-Un, Breaking the Law on Lies,  the insults, the Fake News
the Rape allegations…defending the President over the indefensible has become
the center of The Fox News Propaganda Machine.  They have made it almost impossible for Republican Lawmakers to even dare to call him out.
Trump’s personal Lawer Rudy Giuliani is truly the gift that keeps on giving, with a supporter attorney like Rudy who needs an enemy
Every since Nancy Pelosi (Speaker Of The House) announced Impeachment Inquire,  Trump has been in overdrive with unflattering tweets and rants about the Democrat Party,  more pointedly, towards the Speaker-Of-The-House Pelosi, and Congressman Adam Schiff.
Trump’s acting out, childish behavior was not surprising, on the contrary predictable.  What was surprising was the speed at which the Dems would move.  According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans endorse House Democrats’ decision to launch an impeachment inquiry.  In fact, 54% of Americans support the inquire while 52 percent of Americans endorse impeaching and removing Trump from office.   As frightening as this may be for Trump,  it appears his supporters are unmovable thanks to a little help from The Propaganda Machine, “Fox News” (affectionately known as Fair and Balance).  The Republican Lawmaker (Politicians) seem as frightened as a Cat in a rocking-chair to go against Trump.  Lastly, Conservative Talk Radio, are more bombastic than Trump (if that possible).  To their credit, they really know how to Spin a lie, if you’re an uninformed citizen you are subject to believe what they are saying.  Rush Limbaugh said that the Democrats want to kill Trump.  This is only one example of how low these people are willing to go to get a sympathy support.
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Trump’s rallies should be called, The Poor Me Rallies”.  Since the Impeachment Inquire Trump has given speeches averaging more than an hour-and-a-half-long, whining about how low down and dirty the Democrats are.  It appears Trump believes or thinks his one accomplishment should give him a license to break the laws.
One only can imagine how difficult it is for Trump these days, having to experience for the first time in his life being held accountable for his actions.   Donald Trump is 73 years old, imagine for 72 years of his life he got away with stealing, lying, raping, being a Bigot, a racist, male chauvinist, and many other undesirable corrupt traits.   For 72 years this man has made an unfair judgment upon other cities, countries,  groups of people of color without any validation of facts other than the way he felt at the moment.  Imagine being Rich, White and Arrogant, Racist and downright nasty for 72 years unaccountable?  Many people of Color have experienced the result from people of such, which is why they can hear loudly and see clearly through Donald Trump.  Perhaps the National media find it too embarrassing, too hurtful, too disgusting to broadcast what the real Donald Trump actually is like in private.  As my Father would often say, “If walls could talk, they would tell you”
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Trump has been an acting President for almost three years and he has yet to show respect for the Rule of Law, The Constitution or to respect The United States Branches Of Government.   Once upon a time, not very long ago these were Republican Party talking points.
Between Donald Trump, Fox News and  Conservative Talk Radio, Truth isn’t Truth, Facts are alternative and real news is “Fake News”
They really said these things
The Propaganda Machine is very much alive to keep that 35 % of supporters in the Basket of the Deplorable.
It is refreshing to see that the Rule of Law is being applied to Donald Trump no matter what his Propaganda Machine thinks, say or believes,  no Man is above The Law and Justice is still Blind.   My question to many Republicans, why are you afraid of this man, if not, what are you afraid of?  In either case, history will judge you.
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Live in the present moment.
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*S. E. Cupp CNN Unfiltered
*The Hill (10/17/19), share the Pew Research Pole on Impeachment of Donald Trump 2019
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REAL TALK,  I don’t understand why Slavery had to exist, I don’t understand why it had to happen to us, I don’t understand why we had to suffer for so long. I don’t understand why injustice is still far too prevalent towards people of color, I simply don’t understand. I believe Blood is on the hands of all those who committed such unlawful acts and to a Nation that allowed it. A CHANGE IS COMING TO AMERICA!


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By now it’s safe to say that Trump has been serving as President two years and nine months.  It is still unclear whether he won fairly and squarely since we now know how much the Russians were involved.  Let me be the first to say that that’s irrelevant now!  Questions about his behavior have become increasingly relevant.

Donald Trump’s behavior has always been a concern in the inner circle of Politics.  We all understand that he came from a different culture; Business.  But there is some basic, common knowledge of government and decorum that seemingly Trump missed out on while growing up in America.


Donald Trump’s lack of government understanding is one thing, but to show little to no interest in learning is not only embarrassing it is also, downright disrespectful to this country, we also deserve better!

I can’t seem to get any understanding as to why 35 to 40% of Americans (mostly White Americans) continue to believe in and support this man?  Is his statement true, that “I can shoot someone on Main street and they will still support me”?

I’m hoping Frank Bruni, from the Salt Lake Tribune is correct when he says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if voters consciously or subconsciously conclude that they just can’t continue to live like this and that four more years would be ruinous, if not to the country as a whole, then to our individual psyches. By the time Election Day rolls around, they may crave nothing more electric than stability and serenity”.

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As of Aug. 5, 2019, The Washington Post Fact Checker had documented 12,019 false or misleading claims made by Trump during his presidency.  This is only the tip of the iceberg as to why I’m having trouble understanding 35 to 40% of White Republican Americans supporting this man.  But it gets even more confusing for me when I discover that The Evangelical Religious Right supports this man.  Even if Character was a word the Republican Party kicked around for votes, one would think the church believed in it!  Now, I know we are all familiar with his racist rhetoric toward people of color whether it is about Black Football Players, Congressman John Lewis or the four Congresswomen affectionately known as, “The Squad”.  Donald Trump has shown over and over again just how racist he truly is and his willingness to lie to stay in power is beyond comprehension.  Chauncey Devega of Salon believes, “Donald Trump’s lies are a tool. They help him to assault the rule of law, cut away at democracy, profit from corruption and greed, normalize his illegitimate regime, and stay in power by distracting the American people and the news media from his political agenda, which presents a dire threat to the existence of America’s multiracial democracy.”  Please allow me to cut through the fat.  When Donald Trump proudly acclaims he’s a Nationalist, it’s simply a modern-day dressed-up word for KKK.  Politics speak in a coded language all the time to their constituents… Nationalist is code for White Power.

The Worxs

History has already recorded that Donald Trump assumed office on January 20, 2017, as President Of The United States Of America.  Facts are stubborn, meaning that too many Americans use to ignore people of color arguments that many Americans were and still are Prejudice, racist, hypocritical and uses a double standard to and for their advantages.  Moving forward, I hope Americans are now truly ready to deal with its ugly past.  By revoking this notion of “Make America Great Again” it was never GREAT!!!  The first sentence from this video states that the Founding Fathers were racist, so you must watch the video to get the full context.


The evidence will show in this upcoming Presidential election if we are truly ready to deal with the ghost of yesterday.  I hope we can overcome America’s past history.  I realize it is very difficult to see when you turn on your TV or computer and all you see is this racist ignorant clown (who just happens to be the President) lying while using racial slurs to attack people of color most of the time.  It’s very difficult to be optimistic under these circumstances..but, we must try; while living under the cloud of…


I cannot end this blog without remembering all the innocent lives lost from all the Mass Shootings in America, while Donald Trump and the Republicans do nothing.  I can’t understand why they are so spineless when it comes to the NRA!  Please remember how spineless they are on election day.  These are the very same people who will force a woman to have a child even in risking her life, or a poor girl to give birth even when she cannot afford to take care of herself.  When it comes to purchasing guns that are used in combat, these very same people’s morals become silent.  Donald Trump and the Republican Party have sold their souls to the NRA.  They are the worst of (B) class actors.  That means if you’re for LIFE then let that be your consistent. mantra.  I realize the word hypocrisy is used often and loosely, but let me make it clear… If you claim you’re for the sanctity of Life then be for it by passing stronger Gun Laws to prevent Mass Shootings moving forward.  STAND UP TO THE NRA, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


*Frank Bruni: The Salt Lake Tribune 08/26/2019

*Aug. 5, 2019, The Washington Post Fact Checker had documented 12,019 false or misleading claims made by Trump during his presidency.

*Chauncey Devega of Salo


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Trump Supporters

After almost three years of being embarrassed by this White House, I find it unbelievable that many Americans are planning on voting for this Clown,  Donald Trump again.   I’m confused, perplexed and downright disturbed by the notion that many Americans will vote for someone with the character of Donald Trump.  I don’t believe that I’m speaking solely for myself, I think people of color especially Black Americans and Hispanics are disturbed as I am.  Why would Americans support Trump?  We are all aware of what he has said, what he believes and what he stands for-so, why on God’s green earth would good Americans support this kind of a person?


Supporting Trump creates all sorts of questions, Are we living The American’s Creed, “I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a Republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.  Have we gotten over race? Are we as a Nation/Country moving Forward?  Do they like us? Why do they hate us? Why don’t they like us?  You see my fellow Americans, this door leads to a slippery slope of unending questions.

 I believe some American’s intentions are good but are easily influenced by Nationalist minded people, unknowingly (or knowingly) find themselves supporting Trump and people like him.  All and all, it still goes back to Racism, injustice, and inequality, all the things America supposedly stands against. Today, I understand the Democrats are having some in-house fighting from The Congresswomen of Color as described by Congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Congresswoman Cortez stated that Speaker Of The House (Speaker N. Pelosi) seems to be more critical towards Congresswomen of Color than to others.  You see my fellow Americans, the sensibility of race is on high alert, because of the current environment we are forced to live in.  The “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” era is causing many fights the media is unaware of.  Politically speaking we now have Left vs Left, Right vs Right and where most of us live Right vs Wrong.  To the Trump supporters, why do you pretend to love the people you work with every day, your next-door neighbor- perhaps, shoulders you’ve cried on or vice-versa, why do you vote totally opposite of your daily life experiences?  I’m always amazed and totally baffled by this.  When we see these kinds of contradiction then trust becomes a difficult thing to do.  How can we Trust you, when you love me in my face but vote against me in the booth.

I really need someone to explain to me how you can support Trump without his rhetoric and views.  I don’t know how or when we will overcome this issue of race.  Every month we see news of unarmed Black Men being killed, families separated and children dying at the border, a scene of ugliness that doesn’t resemble anything like The America Creed or Emma Lazarus’s, “Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:  I lift my lamp beside the golden door”  

Let me go on record to say what many people of color have often said, just because I’m Pro Black doesn’t mean I’m anti-white.  We just need some clarity and understanding.  Because to be frankly honest, I don’t see how anyone can support Trump without being racist, dishonest or totally uneducated.  I just don’t know how you can separate the Man from his words, actions and views.   Charles Blow described it this way:

I hope I’ve helped move the needle towards Justice, I hope I’ve encouraged some to think twice before continuing to support someone like Trump, lastly I hope I’ve inspired you to serve in your own way to help our great Country to truly live its Creed.  Nothing like the time of “NOW”.   Now is the right time to push, to expect, to change, to demand if necessary!

Charles Blow does not mince words concerning Trump’s racial identity Politics, he prefers to call it the way Trump presents it.   White Nationalists (which is a dressed-up modern-day title for KKK) are very comfortable and approving of Trump’s rhetoric.  Trump realizes he has 30 to 35% of Americans support no matter what he does or says.  Recently, he used an old racist slur (go back where you can from) to four women of color who happened to be American Congresswomen of The United State Of America.   Facts are three of the four Congresswomen who were born in America and the other became an American citizen.   Although Truth and facts are stubborn to the ignorant, I am so proud of these ladies for pushing back and speaking out,  this should be a National Outrage!


Who are the Americans that support Trump?  Let’s examine this one Truth, it’s been said, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.  Maybe, NOW is your turn to be set free.  You should know by now HATE is not the answer and MONEY can’t by Love.

American people of Color simply want America to be what it claims to be.



*The America Creed, William Tyler Page

*Congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

*New Your Times Columnist and Author, Charles Blow

*Emma Lazarus’s, “Give me your tired, your poor”






 you can CHANGE!


I must admit upfront that I am exhausted writing about Donald Trump.  I’m even more agitated by Politicians and Commentators who pretend things are as normal as usual.  Nothing about Trump, this White House and the majority of the Republican Party are normal as usual.

I can’t believe we’re talking Donald Trump as if he is relevant.  MUST WE ALL PRETEND about his lack of Government knowledge, his racist and prejudice views, his lack of respect for Women and the rule of Law?  My fellow Americans, his character is deplorable and those that support him, defend him, make excuses for him are as deplorable as he is.

Trump has displayed such ignorance and disdain for the rule of Law that he publicly ask for a foreign government to help him win over his opponents.

This man is morally bankrupted and shameless.

MUST WE ALL PRETEND the sexual misconduct by Donald”Duck” Trump isn’t relevant?

EDS NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT - The bodies of Salvadoran migrant Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his nearly 2-year-old daughter Valeria lie on the bank of the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico, Monday, June 24, 2019, after they drowned trying to cross the river to Brownsville, Texas. Martinez' wife, Tania told Mexican authorities she watched her husband and child disappear in the strong current. (AP Photo/Julia Le Duc)

The photo is haunting, a vivid reminder of the danger many faces when they try to cross into the United States. It shows the human toll of a crisis at the border that’s often debated with abstract statistics and detached policy arguments.

The image of the Salvadoran father and his daughter lying face down in the water of the Rio Grande, part of the US border with Mexico, is a heartbreaking testimony to the suffering behind the numbers.  MUST WE ALL PRETEND DONALD TRUMP CARES?
I don’t want to go on and on with exampling of Donald Trump woes, except to say we can and should do better.  I’ve written many blogs highlighting who Trump really is.  The purpose of this blog is to encourage you not to be persuaded by the media to give importance to an undeserving person.   However, I cannot overstate the embarrassment this man brings and the pettiness demonstrated by him such as his, denying the late Sen. John McCain his rightful place of respect.  My fellow Americans, when one is band from a funeral it’s time to ask, MUST WE ALL PRETEND?
The New York columnist Charles Blow is very hard hitting on Trump and to those who ignore or inexcusably supports him.  I think the video below is probably one of Blow’s best captured moment on television (he has had many).
A close follow-up is in the link below…

I  applaud Charles Blow, because he is correct in his assessment of who Trump is.

Today, as we watch the Democrats debate I believe one should watch knowing one fact, which is that every candidate on stage has more character than Donald Trump.

If you’re new to my blogs, I hope you walk away knowing it’s not okay to excuse racism, bigotry, sexism, and frankly, to be more pointed, it’s not okay to excuse Donald Trump.  Let me make it perfectly clear, I believe Donald Trump is not qualified to be President Of The United States.  I hope the Republican Party, the Political Pundits, and his supporters get real with themselves and realize that they no longer have to pretend.  My fellow Americans Up are not Down, Wrong can never be Right and no matter how much Lip-stick you put on a Pig…it’s still a Pig.
Trump is who he is, he’s too old to change plus he appears happy being this annoying piece of sh**t.
We must not allow 30% of Trump’s deplorable to cause 70% of Americans to become one of them…blind ambition.
I think the 70% should demand that the Democrats seek IMPEACHMENT, as this will make a BOLD statement that they, nor the majority of Americans can not continue to ignore his criminal activities and behavior.   If we do not IMPEACH, we will sadly be left with this sad fact…
I hope we as a Nation have the courage to live as President John F. Kennedy described in his memoir “Profile In Courage”, if not, we would have joined the deplorable believing…
*NBC Live


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WHEN JUSTICE MEETS WRONG “it’s 2 a.m. for most Americans”

Nowadays when writing about the politics of this White House it is a difficult task in deciding on where to start.  Donald Trump is the most unusual politician most have witnessed in America’s History.  I’m gonna take a leap of faith that we are all familiar with how often he lies, his lack of knowledge of how government works and his disdain for following the Law, just to mention a few (I understand he has much more flaws).

After two years and more of Bob Mueller’s investigation, we are left with more questions and curiosity than before.  Trump’s handpicked AG Barr stunned us all with his initial conclusion.  Meanwhile, Trump was going around the country in a campaign rally style drumming up his loyal base (which doesn’t take much) telling them that he’s been vindicated and “totally exonerated”.  For a brief moment, the majority of Americans were disillusioned by the Mueller report.  In Trump’s world, its morning but for the rest of us, it’s  2 a.m.

Now since we’ve had time to clear our thoughts, we realize that Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General Barr exonerated him and not The Mueller report.  The Washington Post stated it this way “The way that the Trump administration tried to spin the end of the Mueller investigation was a sign of its unscrupulousness and ineptitude. Having Attorney General William P. Barr issue a four-page summary of Mueller’s nearly 400-page report, purporting to clear Trump, must have seemed like a good idea at the time. But it now looks like a clumsy cover-up that is blowing up in Barr’s face, doing serious damage to the reputation for integrity that he has spent a lifetime cultivating”  “Trump claims he’s been ‘exonerated.’ But the truth is catching up.

I don’t know what proper titled name to give Trump and his supporters, so for now, I’ll call them Trump’s Nationalist Conservative Republican Party.  The strangest thing is that they are seeking a small number of people of color to camouflage their racism.  This small number of people in which they have allowed to speak can only speak on Conservative Shows for the most part.   They are given the same Talking points in which they have been handing out for more than thirty years now,   Stop depending on Government, get off welfare, get off the Plantation, stop playing the race card and stop being a victim.  I’m sure you’ve heard all of that before or something similar to that.  Recently, they’ve updated their person of color spokesperson.  Goodbye Larry Elders hello Candace Owens, new face but the same message and theme.


It is upsetting to watch people of such, who will stoop so low only to get approval from racist white people.  Perhaps they will get rewarded with a pat on the head? A Conservative Talk radio show? or an appearance on Fox News?  I don’t understand why they do what they do.   I’ve included Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech on the Senate floor to help them  Candace Owens is very young, ambitious and eager to gain notoriety no matter how she gets it.  I thought it may be helpful to remind her about the Repubs Southern Strategy   Now in Trump’s world, its morning but for the rest of us, it’s 2 a.m.

Recently, I had the privilege to hear Minister William Barber II sharing a message addressing the need to work across faiths to develop social and moral change,   The thing that stood out the most in his speech was that most of America’s impoverished are from 13 Southern States.  And how political leaders pivot poor Whites, Blacks, and Brown people against each other.  Most of these people are working for less than $15 an hour without any health care.  On the other hand, the politicians which many of them support and elect get pay raises every year with free health care including pre-existing conditions.  Those very same elected leaders are preventing their supporters from having what they themselves enjoy.  The minister calls this, “A form of moral sickness.”

Since Trump has been in The White House it oftentimes appears that wrong is winning.  “Truth isn’t truth”, “Alternative facts”, “Shit hole country”, “NFL players SOB”, “There was good on both side”…it really seems like it’s morning for Trump, while it’s 2 a.m. for the rest of us.  But when Justice (reckoning day) finally meets Wrong, there will be hell to pay.  We live in a democratic country with three branches of government that run this Nation.  Trump is just beginning to understand that Congress holds the purse.  And that both branches are to do oversight to hold the executive branch accountable.  While it may appear that Trump is enjoying his morning let me remind him that “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice”

To The Trump’s Nationalist Conservative Republican Party, a reckoning day is coming.  WHEN JUSTICE MEETS WRONG!


*THE WASHINGTON POST (article by Max Boot April 4, 2019)

*Whose Report Will You Believe? / Rev.Dr. William J. Barber, II

*Sen. Elizabeth Warren

*Republican Lee Atwater’s infamous 1981 interview on the Southern Strategy 



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