Life is to be alive!   William Purkey (author) seems to have captured me in a nutshell on Life, he said, ” Dance like no one is watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it’s heaven on earth” I like to believe that’s me…who are you?

So much in life is grey and not so clear.  Inner City Blues is real.  Kids killing kids, girls selling their bodies, parents on crack, children raising children and the ugly struggle goes on.  Who hears the concerns and cries of a ghetto child?  If they are heard, why do we have so many of them?  I imagine the thought of, ” AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY” may be difficult to see from where they live.  Although the sky is everywhere, Life struggles can prevent one from seeing how magnificent the Blue is.

Not everyone lives in the Ghetto, but everyone lives under the Blue Sky.

Relationships of any kind are challenging.  Consider a single parent or family trying to raise a child in America when the income falls short.  The notion of a Blue Sky is not so Blue.  Many people fall into the category of earning too much to receive a break from the system while on the other hand, not enough to keep up with education, housing, and health.  Is their life, AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY?

I wonder about those who are born disabled or became disabled for whatever reason…those who are unable to walk, see, smell touch or taste. All the senses needed to experience life.  Is life, AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY for them?

In my previous blogs, I’ve questioned myself and others, How is it that people of different race seemingly love each other, work together, laugh, cry and play together then vote for someone who stands for opposite of the life they live? Why do many Americans support double standards?  Is the SKY BLUE to those who have been mistreated unjustly?  When racism and bigotry continue to exist in America is life AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY for the victim?

Some of us are lucky to embrace,  “AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY”  for a moment, a day, a week maybe season…but never forever, life isn’t that way.  Most of us have experienced the agony of defeat, the anguish of illness, disappointments, failure, divorce, death, joblessness, hopelessness, being homeless and much worst.

When our SKY is bright and Blue is it possible we can become an umbrella to stop the rain from falling down on others who have reached the end of their road?  Can we give without expecting something in return?  To those who have a season of BLUE SKIES can you share an hour, a day, a night with a less fortunate one?  We all can agree the SKY is free for everyone, why can’t we all experience,  “AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY”

Just think from New York to Louisiana, we all live under the same big BLUE SKY.  We all know that between the two states are a lot of issues.  The question becomes, what can you do to change or improve the issues so that more could experience that feeling,  “AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY”.

I believe we all belong to one race, the Human Race.  Racism is not born-it is taught.  It is up to us to teach something different.  Let us not be naive to think we can change or save all from getting wet from the rain of life.  Let’s face it, some people love the darkness, selfishness, love to hate, enjoy believing everything revolves around them.  In my opinion, they think they own the BLUE SKY.  Their BLUE SKY is an illusion, it’s not the real one in the big BLUE SKY.

One’s character is important.  People with good moral character will try to help others experience a good feeling in their life, if only for a moment.  A narcissistic person would probably think the Sky was made for them only.  Sometimes it takes courage to help others to see the Blue Sky.  Recently I was impressed by the words of Senator Jeff Flake as he gave his retirement speech to Congress.  If you have not read it or heard it, please watch the attached video below.  It was truly a Kennedy moment, Profile In Courage.

If we cannot get a season of BLUE SKIES, I hope we all could get at the very least a moment, ” AS CLEAR AS THE BLUE SKY”  in our life.




LIFE IN AMERICA is more than just music- it’s history unfolding with a soulful melody.   It’s a sport that never gives up nor gives in but constantly yearns for victory.  It’s medicine, that heals the soul. It’s a love story shared by young and old, rich and poor.  It’s political, dividing right from left and wrong from right. It’s justice, blinded to all points of view.
It’s spiritual, it touches something inside which cannot be described. It’s family, it connects us all at those rare moments in spite of our different views.  AND of course, it is MUSIC, filled with HOPE, SPIRIT, JOY, DETERMINATION, PRIDE, DISTINCTION and PROMISES.