After nine months (43 weeks of body changes) a baby Boy or Girl is delivered into this world.  After Week 1 of your pregnancy.…to…Week 42 of your pregnancy...  all the changes of the body, pains, sleepless nights and difficulties of yesterday no longer matter once the Doctor says congratulations, TODAY you’ve just given birth to a healthy bouncing baby Boy/Girl…Or maybe the news was not so delightful, “I’m sorry your baby was stillborn”, “born blind”, “born with Down’s syndrome”.

Life is so complex, yet a fortune has been spent and made by many claiming to have the formula for success and happiness.

Sometimes I think we make life more complicated than it needs to be.  If we all could step back and see life through the lens of a child once again, we might remember being in awe of nature.  The growth of a fruit tree, the bloom of flowers, the morning dew, the stars in the sky, the moon and the clouds, raindrops, and butterflies.

Yet in all the examples given there has been a progression from YESTERDAY’S struggles to TODAY’S triumph or success.  We all know that not everything follows such progression.

Winning the Lottery has no rhythm or rhyme, nor does life progression.  For a poor person,  Life changes from poor YESTERDAY to rich TODAY in an instance. Rich people also win the Lottery,

One thing I know for sure, that after YESTERDAY comes TODAY.  I don’t claim to have a new concept, formula or answer…just a word of encouragement.  Please, don’t give up nor give in.  Your YESTERDAY may have been too sad to write about, too difficult to describe or maybe too dark to share.  The kid inside me tells me, it can’t rain forever…one day the sun will shine again, flowers will bloom once more, and someday Spring and Summer will come again…maybe TODAY?

In the world of Politics, YESTERDAY we experienced eight years of grace (from President Obama), character, and a display of Profile in Courage constantly under Fire from the Conservative Right (who once said they stood for Moral and Character).  TODAY before our very eyes we’re experiencing a different view; disgrace, ignorance, and embarrassment from Trump.  My fellow Americans, “What A Different A Day Makes”

Like most people, our YESTERDAY is filled with a mix bag…some happiness, sadness, some bright, some dark and certainly some blue…such is LIFE.  I must admit, I sometimes struggle to understand one’s YESTERDAY life, which was filled so bright with promises and a willing spirit to do whatever it takes to make life better for others, yet that same bright life of YESTERDAY we hear on TODAY’S news dies in a plane crash.  Situations as such, I think cause most to pause and think, wonder and ponder about YESTERDAY and how to handle their TODAY.

The unique and most powerful thing in life is,  one cannot always predict from their YESTERDAY experiences what their TODAY will be.

Gurus are everywhere selling books, videos, seminars and more.  From Psychology to Spiritual…they all are willing to share (for a price) their plans to Happiness and Success.

One thing I know for sure, Life is an experience and is to be experienced.  I think the one thing we all can agree on is…