My fellow Americans, let’s be honest-If the Republican Party had a candidate or President as ignorant as Trump they would be blasting him out of Politics 24/7.  If a Democrat candidate decided to continue to run in spite of the opposition I’m certain he/she would resign shortly after winning.  I can say this with great confidence from watching how both parties play the game of Politics.  Republican believes in winning at all cause (in short, do and say whatever it takes to win).  Republicans believe they have an inside advantage with the majority of Americans.  History of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK.  The Republican Party believes they can always tap into these group for votes and otherwise.  The Democratic Party believes in ideas…and a dream similar to that of Dr. King.  Nonetheless, they lack passion and ownership.  In the world of Politics, your opposition gets to have an opinion on your views, which is where Republicans (in my opinion) not only beat Democrats but destroy them and their ideas/dreams.

Looking Back

Remember President Ronald Reagan stating that “Government is The Problem”  (1996 State Of The Union Adress Jan.23, 1996)? Shortly years later, a Democratic President, Bill Clinton stood at the podium and said, “The Era of Big Government is Over”.  This was a Spinless act which emboldens the opposition while losing the argument to many Americans of the important need for Government.  Why are Democrats so Spinless and afraid to promote their ideas vigorously to the American people?  Instead, they give the appearance of trying to be Republicanlike.  When they behave in such fashion they automatically lose the argument thus, the hearts of many Americans and appear to be A PARTY WITHOUT A SPINE.

Pass Time vs Real Time

Remember Kenneth Starr (FBI investigator), who was and is a Republican Conservative (served as a federal Court Of Appeals judge and as solicitor general for George H. W. Bush.  Although Starr was supposed to be investigating the suicide death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton, Starr caught President Bill Clinton on lying about a consensual relationship he had with an intern…thus, The House Impeached him. (Compare that to Trump, who has more than twelve women accusing him of Sexual Harassment; not consensual and not one impeachment hearing yet).

Now on to Robert Mueller in May 2017.  Mueller was appointed by Acting Attorney General Rod Rubenstein as special counsel overseeing an ongoing investigation into alleged foreign electoral intervention by Russia in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election 2016.[3   Since his appointment, everyone in the White House has lawyered up.  Meanwhile, it appears the Political media is joining the Republicans in turning on Mueller (stating that he has some explaining to do).

Al Gore vs Bush

Before Bush, Al Gore debated a Senator named  Bill Bradley then the Political media loved Al Gore performance (Al breathe heavily into the mic and interrupted Bradly many times during the debate).  The Politicos never criticized Al for doing so (then), on the contrary, they loved him.  When Al debated Bush, using the same tactics the Political Media was very critical of Al’s performance.  Unbelievable critique from the same Media (against the Republican candidate Bush).  Al was left confused by the Media Love-Hate relationship shown towards him.  I guess the title of this blog could be called A MEDIA WITHOUT A SPINE as well.  Let me be clear, this spineless epidemic is mostly from and by Democrats but The Political Media should take some responsibility as well.  So many times the Media has made races which would automatically be an easy victory (but for the sake of rating) into unnecessarily competitive races…and when the wrong candidate wins the Media quickly blames the Party or the Candidate.  SPINELESS!

It seems too many in the Democratic Party is much too quick to forgive and move on for the sake of the Country.  Take for example the 2016 Presidential election.  Presently, no one is really sure if Trump won fairly (without Trump and Russia colluding together to defeat Hillary), yet the Democratic Party and the Media continue to speak as if Trump actually won…even while an investigation is ongoing to find out what happened.  On the other hand, if Republicans had any doubts or a hint of Russia helping to defeat their candidate it would be Hell to pay!  Democracy as we know it would be over.

Rush Limbaugh (to which hundreds of thousands tune in daily) is on three hours a day, five days a week promoting Republican propaganda and he is not alone.  There are Sean Hannity, Mark Lavine and many others carrying that same water all day every day.  Conservatives do not have a problem saying the same thing over and over again any place or anywhere, Radio or Television.

If Trump was a Democrat he would be forced to resign because of the Republican Machine.  The Machine consists of Republican Politicians, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio Host, Poor Whites and other groups. They know how to persuade the hearts and mind of Americans…they stay on message and speak with one voice.  Trump would be such an easy target because he has so much information on him. When you add his Mouth, lack of character, I believe Repubs would find dismissing Trump to be very easy…if Trump was a Democrat.


The Democratic Party is a Party that allow themselves to be carried by every argument their opposition presents.  Caters too much to Political Media opinion.  A no spine Party does not protect each other (remember Al Franken…compared to Trump & Moore).  It does not speak with one voice to persuade the hearts of Americans.  A spineless Party does not clearly carve out their position, belief, passion, mission, goals principles.  Instead, they are often driven back and forth like a child unable to make up its mind.  A spineless Party is one who is afraid to say BIG GOVERNMENT IS NECESSARY.  A compelling argument can easily be made to change the way many Americans, including the way conservative thinks of Government.  Lastly, A spineless Party must learn how to fight.  Today is a time to fight…Senators, Congressman, and Congresswoman should be rallying their base to march for Impeachment (every day there should be a rally going on to Impeach Trump).  It would be so easy to highlight his negative, dishonesty, moral conduct and his lies.  Trump is totally unfit for the office and most Americans already agree with that fact.  If Democrats want to stop being viewed as A PARTY WITHOUT A SPINE…then they must take ACTION, starting TODAY!


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White women elected him, will they also be the ones to destroy him?    http://www.vox.com/2016/10/13/13269448/trump-sexual-assault-allegations  



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