If I Die Tonight

This blog is written in hope my afterlife will give an answer to my living life.

Dear GOD, where were You when Slave Masters introduced You to Black people?  Your silence appeared to agree with those that oppressed us, why didn’t You do something?   When the White racists were hanging many Black men for no reason, other than their entertainment/pleasure, where were You?   It’s been written that You are all-powerful, why didn’t You use your powers then?  I think You could have sent a hurricane or a tsunami, anything to prevent those horrible acts.  America boasts about being “The Land Of The Free”.  Why were Black people denied that freedom?  I’m trying hard to understand your ways, maybe I will find out in my afterlife.  This was the introduction of Black people to America.  Dear GOD why?

Why do you allow so many Clergymen to swindle money from those who believe in you?  Many of the believers are poor, meanwhile, the Preachers are rich owning Airplanes and living in huge houses.  Why?

Diseases are another area which is perplexing, take for example Cancer-billions years have been invested and yet no cure has been discovered.   When it comes to taking life, instruments are created in minutes, take for example guns.  How many more school shooting do we have to have, how many more mini coffins do we have to see, from the inner city to the suburbs. There is far too many senseless death.  Why?

I realize that there are many Countries out there having greater challenges than what we are experiencing in America, however, as a Black man I’m not sure if others have a greater number of unanswered questions than we do while living in America.  From Slavery to now, no other race in America has come close to the struggles we’ve experienced from yesterday to today.  Why?

Politically speaking, I’m even more exhausted trying to make some sense of having Trump as President.  No President in modern history in America has been so foolish, lacking in character and moral judgment than Trump.  Why was he allowed to become President?   Almost everyone agrees Trump is ignorant and unfit to be President and yet there he is, Why?  Why are so-call journalists allowing Trump surrogates (like Rudy Giuliani) to speak a bunch of nonsense without any correction?  Even worse, this foolish little man gets to pick Supreme Court Judges…Lord, why?

Unequal Sentence for Blacks… Decades of research have shown that the criminal courts sentence black defendants more harshly than whites.  It exposes the fact that African-American defendants get more time behind bars — sometimes twice the prison terms of whites with identical criminal histories — when they commit the same crimes under identical circumstances. It also shows how bias on the part of individual judges and prosecutors drives sentencing inequity.  Why have we been allowed to be treated so unfairly?  If I die tonight will You let me know the answers to my questions?

Education and Betsy DeVos, This is the second saddest commentary of them all (Slavery is number one).  This *itch proposed to cut 9 billion dollars to education.  Watch her defend her position without a heart(video posted below).  Education is the doorway to new possibilities and opportunities, yet that door is almost closed.  It seems as if prejudice and racism have been resurrected by this administration, so why are they allowed to be so cruel and mean-even to the children?

Maybe I’m aggravated because I don’t have enough answers to my questions or maybe I’m frustrated because I’m unable to change the things I have questions about.

Dear GOD, will you answer my questions, will you speak a WORD to change the WORLD, will you TOUCH hearts to change the SPIRIT of prejudice and racist people to change their ways, will you give the answer to cure CANCER,  or will I have to die (tonight) to find out


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Please watch the videos posted below.  Tim Wise talks about 400 years of headstart and advantages  https://youtu.be/6JErESW-CQI 

Congressman Hakeen Jeffries demonstrates how to destroy Trump’s surrogates talking points https://youtu.be/lUkEvkPC0s4

Unequal Sentences for Blacks and Whites (a must read) https://nyti.ms/2hTeiDU

Education and Betsy DeVos https://youtu.be/ptNTqF5zIxE