Not very long ago I wrote a blog titled “BORN AGAIN”. In that blog, I explained how Republicans for many years used Dog Whistle Politics to create what we all are now experiencing today.

Perhaps President Obama read my blog, when he stated, “It did not start with Donald Trump, he is the symptom, not the cause”  I encourage you to go back and read my post, “BORN AGAIN”

For many Black Americans, we were taught to do exceedingly well in whatever endeavor we subscribed to.  We were encouraged and believed we had to be twice as good to possibly get an opportunity that of a White person with lesser qualification.

I’m sure many Black Americans can remember hearing this phrase or one similar that says, “Do your job so well, that they would have to respect you and give you credit”

Let’s examine some of the quotes which describe the qualities and characteristics of Trump:

Chief of Staff John Kelly calls Trump, “an idiot”

Rex Tillerson and Secretary Mattis both called Trump a “Moron”.

Books have been written describing Trump up close and personal, Remember Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury” where we learned even his closest confidente  Steve Bannon describes Trump as not having what it takes to remain President.  Wolff also shared that many staffers thought Trump was a Moron and Idiot, that he was way over his head.  Of course, Michael Wolff got major backlash for his deplorable descriptions of Trump and from the usual suspects, The Conservative Machine, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio and mainstream news outlets; ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN.

Recently Omarosa Manigault Newman released her book, “Unhinged” which depicted Trump for what we had already learned from Michael Wolff and others.  Omarosa went a step further to share tapes to prove just how corrupt and sleazy Trump truly is.  Omarosa further concluded that Trump is a racist.

 Presently, we are being entertained by America’s golden boy, who is described as the goal post for journalism Bob Woodworth.   Bob titled his new book about Trump as “FEAR”.  In short, Bob believes having Trump as Chief In Commander is something all American need to, “Wake UP” and fear.  As previously stated Bob recorded that many in Trump’s administration and close staff advisors find him to be Unfit, Unhinged, Stupid, ill-prepared and uninformed, a Moron, Idiot, Unstable and downright incapable to do the job as President.

Lastly, someone in the Trump administration went to the New York Times with a scolding opt ed describing Trump and his erratic behavior,

Can everyone be wrong???

To my Progressive friends and to all Americans I submit to you that President Obama did his job so well that even a Moron or an Idiot could not mess over the works he did with our National Economy.  President Obama and his Administration brought us from the doorstep of Depression to sustainable and continuous growth that even a Moron can’t destroy.

Perhaps President Obama was guided by the words from his ancestors, “Do your job so well, that even your worst critics would have to respect you and give you credit.


When his critics make the comparison, a simple but more important question must be asked, where were we (economically speaking) when President Obama took over vs where were we when Trump took over?

My fellow Americans

Facts may be stubborn, nonetheless, they are still facts.


Read: New York Times anonymous op-ed column critical of Trump https://detne.ws/2NPGMe5 via @detroitnews




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