It feels like it’s been forever and a day since Trump been around.  I’m not going to blame Trump for America’s racism, divisiveness, sexism or other degrading characters that are prevalent today.  But I will admit Trump has been a constant drum major upholding and promoting the worst of demons which lives in many.  In 2016 Robert Tracinski a columnist for the Federalist wrote an opt ed describing Trump’s supporters; * “Low-information voters” who don’t really know much about Trump or his policies, but hey, he’s a celebrity, so they tell pollsters they’re voting for him.  * Single-issue anti-immigration fanatics.   *Archie Bunker types who normally vote Republican because they see it as the party of “identity politics for white people”  *Outright racists who don’t normally vote because neither party has the guts to embrace White Power…until Trump.  My fellow Americans, these are truly the deplorables.  Trump did what many Republicans wanted to do and say but were too afraid to do so.   As a businessman, Trump was willing to take the risk and go all in with racial inflammatory remarks making it unmistakable on where he stands.  To his supporters, nothing else matters, even Trump was astonished by their unyielding support, “I could shoot someone on Main Street and they will still support me-I’ve never seen anything like it”

“When It’s Darkest You See The Stars More Clearly” 

I don’t often quote Jesse Jackson, but he hit a theme that is worth remembering, he goes on to say, “A lot of Darkness coming out of Washington these days, a lot of Darkness!  Attacking women then mimicking them/Darkness, attacking Journalist saying they are a threat to democracy/Darkness, babies locked up in cages as a strategy to detour illegal immigrants/Darkness,  and yet when it’s dark you see the stars more clearly.


Now, is our time to turn all that darkness into BLUE!  Now, is the time to make American live out its creed and to become America in reality rather than just in words on paper.  Nov. 6, 2018 is not the ending it’s only the beginning.  Step by step, vote by vote, change is coming.  The 2016 Presidential election was not right nor good, a mistake was made, we’re here and ready to correct our mistake.  People of color, young people, Ladies, Straight, Gay, Bi or whatever (it doesn’t matter) it is imperative we vote and bring others to vote.  My fellow Americans, nothing brings one quicker to Jesus than a good old fashioned ass kicking.  The Republican Party has gotten out of hand, they’ve become embolden since Trump been around.  I believe after the election they will turn on him as they should.  If not we should ask, “What in the hell do you have to lose”?

Finally, to all my friends on twitter, you know how I felt after the 2016 Presidential election, I remember how you felt too, we all were sick to our stomach and were almost unable to be engaged, we had to heal and we did.  The operation is over and we are 100% healed.  It’s time to take the blue pill (not that pill guys) when we all vote it will all come back Blue.  I encourage all to watch Fox & Friends after the elections with a bag of Popcorn, your favorite drink to enjoy their show as they try to explain away what just happened.

Trump is campaigning hard for his Presidency (as he should) because he knows when we take over, the truth will come out and there will be no more cover, nowhere to hide.  Tax returns, a true Russia investigation and more.  It’s gonna feel so good to finally deal with this bully as he should have been dealt with.



(overlook the glitches, in the beginning, the show is great)  





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