My fellow Americans I submit to you, the most disturbing dichotomy to people of color are the things America says it stands for but seldom demonstrates.   Far too often people of color have witnessed and experienced Bigotry, racism, hatred, discrimination, sexism or other negative connotations come to mind, which is completely opposite from what we were taught in History class about America.

America asked people of color to obey the Law, play by the rules, pay your taxes,  support your country, be a good citizen.  In return, people of color were not receiving equal benefits, Schools, roads, bridges, health care, and more were crumbling while others were flourishing. 

After Slavery, we were promised forty acres and a Mule.  Of course, that never happened.  Insult to injury, Politicians of both parties have taken advantage of people of color.  However, since mid-50’s the Republican Party has and continues to court White Supremacy in some shape form or fashion. It is so noticeable that even David Duke gives them a thumbs up. 

Although America (allegedly) prayed for equality, the Devil must have introduced America to unequal and a bunch of other nasty things. 

People of color are confused but hopeful.  We’re hoping that this midterm election will be the beginning of America to be Truthful.  If we take control of Congress, Trump will be put in check.  No longer will he be able to do whatever he wants. We understand he may try, however, consequences will follow.  To all our Conservatives, Believers and others remember when we once believed that character mattered, that truth was expected and sound judgment was a requirement. If you truly believe America is capable of growing from its ugly past to all the wonderful things it promised from birth, then you must vote for change.  Change from Nationalist minded people, change (Red) bloodstained hands to clean ones.  I’m hoping you’re ready for a bright Blue future, I’m hoping you’re ready for a change. 

My fellow Americans, we’ve gone through enough-

Slavery, Civil War, JimCrow and now Trump!                         

It would be wonderful to witness and experience America giving birth to Truth, no longer will it be just words on paper.  “All men are created equal” “America does not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”  We’ve already given birth to prejudice, in fact, it lasted too long and the end resort was Trump.

 Trump is a bully who proudly wears White Supremacy and displays it whenever and wherever he can.  

Perhaps, in the beginning, America was pregnant with twins, if so, it seems what was not good got out first and tried to destroy good before it was ever born…thank God it failed.  

Is America Ready To Give Birth To Truth

Nov. 6, 2018, will definitely give us a true view of where we are. 

After experiencing the Dark side of America it is refreshing to witness almost sixty-five percent of Americans believe people of color should be treated fairly, equal under the Law and not discriminated against because of their color.  This is such a contrast from the beginning when the majority of White Americans thought that whatever America said it was they believed.   Now, many White Americans realized that people of color were treated unfairly, not properly educated, they also recognized that people of color were unfairly treated when it came to so many basic necessities.  

Amazing Grace, “I once was blind, but now I see”.

I don’t know why bad travels faster, last longer than it should, but I can truly say that I am hopeful for a better and brighter tomorrow.  

It is true, that when it is darkest the stars shine brighter,  We’ve got Trump now-it can’t get any darker than that, but there is another reason to be optimistic about tomorrow.  Bad doesn’t last forever,  to all you believers, “Joy comes in the morning”

My fellow Americans it is up to us to become the physician to help America deliver the Birth of Truth.  To the thirty-five percent who are still holding on to America’s ugly past, reckoning day is coming and it’s coming a lot sooner than yesterday.

Nov. 6, 2018, VOTE!




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It feels like it’s been forever and a day since Trump been around.  I’m not going to blame Trump for America’s racism, divisiveness, sexism or other degrading characters that are prevalent today.  But I will admit Trump has been a constant drum major upholding and promoting the worst of demons which lives in many.  In 2016 Robert Tracinski a columnist for the Federalist wrote an opt ed describing Trump’s supporters; * “Low-information voters” who don’t really know much about Trump or his policies, but hey, he’s a celebrity, so they tell pollsters they’re voting for him.  * Single-issue anti-immigration fanatics.   *Archie Bunker types who normally vote Republican because they see it as the party of “identity politics for white people”  *Outright racists who don’t normally vote because neither party has the guts to embrace White Power…until Trump.  My fellow Americans, these are truly the deplorables.  Trump did what many Republicans wanted to do and say but were too afraid to do so.   As a businessman, Trump was willing to take the risk and go all in with racial inflammatory remarks making it unmistakable on where he stands.  To his supporters, nothing else matters, even Trump was astonished by their unyielding support, “I could shoot someone on Main Street and they will still support me-I’ve never seen anything like it”

“When It’s Darkest You See The Stars More Clearly” 

I don’t often quote Jesse Jackson, but he hit a theme that is worth remembering, he goes on to say, “A lot of Darkness coming out of Washington these days, a lot of Darkness!  Attacking women then mimicking them/Darkness, attacking Journalist saying they are a threat to democracy/Darkness, babies locked up in cages as a strategy to detour illegal immigrants/Darkness,  and yet when it’s dark you see the stars more clearly.


Now, is our time to turn all that darkness into BLUE!  Now, is the time to make American live out its creed and to become America in reality rather than just in words on paper.  Nov. 6, 2018 is not the ending it’s only the beginning.  Step by step, vote by vote, change is coming.  The 2016 Presidential election was not right nor good, a mistake was made, we’re here and ready to correct our mistake.  People of color, young people, Ladies, Straight, Gay, Bi or whatever (it doesn’t matter) it is imperative we vote and bring others to vote.  My fellow Americans, nothing brings one quicker to Jesus than a good old fashioned ass kicking.  The Republican Party has gotten out of hand, they’ve become embolden since Trump been around.  I believe after the election they will turn on him as they should.  If not we should ask, “What in the hell do you have to lose”?

Finally, to all my friends on twitter, you know how I felt after the 2016 Presidential election, I remember how you felt too, we all were sick to our stomach and were almost unable to be engaged, we had to heal and we did.  The operation is over and we are 100% healed.  It’s time to take the blue pill (not that pill guys) when we all vote it will all come back Blue.  I encourage all to watch Fox & Friends after the elections with a bag of Popcorn, your favorite drink to enjoy their show as they try to explain away what just happened.

Trump is campaigning hard for his Presidency (as he should) because he knows when we take over, the truth will come out and there will be no more cover, nowhere to hide.  Tax returns, a true Russia investigation and more.  It’s gonna feel so good to finally deal with this bully as he should have been dealt with.



(overlook the glitches, in the beginning, the show is great)  






Not very long ago I wrote a blog titled “BORN AGAIN”. In that blog, I explained how Republicans for many years used Dog Whistle Politics to create what we all are now experiencing today.

Perhaps President Obama read my blog, when he stated, “It did not start with Donald Trump, he is the symptom, not the cause”  I encourage you to go back and read my post, “BORN AGAIN”

For many Black Americans, we were taught to do exceedingly well in whatever endeavor we subscribed to.  We were encouraged and believed we had to be twice as good to possibly get an opportunity that of a White person with lesser qualification.

I’m sure many Black Americans can remember hearing this phrase or one similar that says, “Do your job so well, that they would have to respect you and give you credit”

Let’s examine some of the quotes which describe the qualities and characteristics of Trump:

Chief of Staff John Kelly calls Trump, “an idiot”

Rex Tillerson and Secretary Mattis both called Trump a “Moron”.

Books have been written describing Trump up close and personal, Remember Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury” where we learned even his closest confidente  Steve Bannon describes Trump as not having what it takes to remain President.  Wolff also shared that many staffers thought Trump was a Moron and Idiot, that he was way over his head.  Of course, Michael Wolff got major backlash for his deplorable descriptions of Trump and from the usual suspects, The Conservative Machine, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio and mainstream news outlets; ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN.

Recently Omarosa Manigault Newman released her book, “Unhinged” which depicted Trump for what we had already learned from Michael Wolff and others.  Omarosa went a step further to share tapes to prove just how corrupt and sleazy Trump truly is.  Omarosa further concluded that Trump is a racist.

 Presently, we are being entertained by America’s golden boy, who is described as the goal post for journalism Bob Woodworth.   Bob titled his new book about Trump as “FEAR”.  In short, Bob believes having Trump as Chief In Commander is something all American need to, “Wake UP” and fear.  As previously stated Bob recorded that many in Trump’s administration and close staff advisors find him to be Unfit, Unhinged, Stupid, ill-prepared and uninformed, a Moron, Idiot, Unstable and downright incapable to do the job as President.

Lastly, someone in the Trump administration went to the New York Times with a scolding opt ed describing Trump and his erratic behavior,

Can everyone be wrong???

To my Progressive friends and to all Americans I submit to you that President Obama did his job so well that even a Moron or an Idiot could not mess over the works he did with our National Economy.  President Obama and his Administration brought us from the doorstep of Depression to sustainable and continuous growth that even a Moron can’t destroy.

Perhaps President Obama was guided by the words from his ancestors, “Do your job so well, that even your worst critics would have to respect you and give you credit.


When his critics make the comparison, a simple but more important question must be asked, where were we (economically speaking) when President Obama took over vs where were we when Trump took over?

My fellow Americans

Facts may be stubborn, nonetheless, they are still facts.


Read: New York Times anonymous op-ed column critical of Trump via @detroitnews




If I Die Tonight

This blog is written in hope my afterlife will give an answer to my living life.

Dear GOD, where were You when Slave Masters introduced You to Black people?  Your silence appeared to agree with those that oppressed us, why didn’t You do something?   When the White racists were hanging many Black men for no reason, other than their entertainment/pleasure, where were You?   It’s been written that You are all-powerful, why didn’t You use your powers then?  I think You could have sent a hurricane or a tsunami, anything to prevent those horrible acts.  America boasts about being “The Land Of The Free”.  Why were Black people denied that freedom?  I’m trying hard to understand your ways, maybe I will find out in my afterlife.  This was the introduction of Black people to America.  Dear GOD why?

Why do you allow so many Clergymen to swindle money from those who believe in you?  Many of the believers are poor, meanwhile, the Preachers are rich owning Airplanes and living in huge houses.  Why?

Diseases are another area which is perplexing, take for example Cancer-billions years have been invested and yet no cure has been discovered.   When it comes to taking life, instruments are created in minutes, take for example guns.  How many more school shooting do we have to have, how many more mini coffins do we have to see, from the inner city to the suburbs. There is far too many senseless death.  Why?

I realize that there are many Countries out there having greater challenges than what we are experiencing in America, however, as a Black man I’m not sure if others have a greater number of unanswered questions than we do while living in America.  From Slavery to now, no other race in America has come close to the struggles we’ve experienced from yesterday to today.  Why?

Politically speaking, I’m even more exhausted trying to make some sense of having Trump as President.  No President in modern history in America has been so foolish, lacking in character and moral judgment than Trump.  Why was he allowed to become President?   Almost everyone agrees Trump is ignorant and unfit to be President and yet there he is, Why?  Why are so-call journalists allowing Trump surrogates (like Rudy Giuliani) to speak a bunch of nonsense without any correction?  Even worse, this foolish little man gets to pick Supreme Court Judges…Lord, why?

Unequal Sentence for Blacks… Decades of research have shown that the criminal courts sentence black defendants more harshly than whites.  It exposes the fact that African-American defendants get more time behind bars — sometimes twice the prison terms of whites with identical criminal histories — when they commit the same crimes under identical circumstances. It also shows how bias on the part of individual judges and prosecutors drives sentencing inequity.  Why have we been allowed to be treated so unfairly?  If I die tonight will You let me know the answers to my questions?

Education and Betsy DeVos, This is the second saddest commentary of them all (Slavery is number one).  This *itch proposed to cut 9 billion dollars to education.  Watch her defend her position without a heart(video posted below).  Education is the doorway to new possibilities and opportunities, yet that door is almost closed.  It seems as if prejudice and racism have been resurrected by this administration, so why are they allowed to be so cruel and mean-even to the children?

Maybe I’m aggravated because I don’t have enough answers to my questions or maybe I’m frustrated because I’m unable to change the things I have questions about.

Dear GOD, will you answer my questions, will you speak a WORD to change the WORLD, will you TOUCH hearts to change the SPIRIT of prejudice and racist people to change their ways, will you give the answer to cure CANCER,  or will I have to die (tonight) to find out


Some ask not just for an answer...                                                                                                                                                      More

Please watch the videos posted below.  Tim Wise talks about 400 years of headstart and advantages 

Congressman Hakeen Jeffries demonstrates how to destroy Trump’s surrogates talking points

Unequal Sentences for Blacks and Whites (a must read)

Education and Betsy DeVos


I think if the entire Sports Complex would join hands and truly get Politically involved they could change the face of Congress, the Senate and the White House.  A few voices from the NFL and maybe a couple of voices from NBA is a start but it’s not enough to make a meaningful change.  History has proven that the majority with a loud voice can change the directions of a Nation.  Famous athletes, Entertainers, and Educators must do more than make statements, they must seriously get involved and rally the base.  When I think of our base, I’m shocked that we lose any national elections (but we do).  Just think we have the majority of Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women, Young people, Educators, Entertainers, the middle class, the poor, most sports athletes and most minorities.  One may ask, why are the three branches of Government being controlled by Conservative Repubs when we have all that base of supporters.

I’m not sure about this but, I think Democrats analyze shit too much because they don’t have a backbone.  Today they’re discussing on making the midterm elections about issues rather than about Trump (do issues but Trump must be the pig they cook).  This school of thought is beyond stupid.  To ignore the Big Pink Elephant in the middle of the living room daily is a difficult thing to do admittedly, but a spineless group of Democrats is planning on doing such a thing.  Mainstream media and so-call Progressive media (MSNBC) think it would be smart to make it an issue campaign rather than about Trump. They are so stupid and full of themselves to believe that if we don’t make it just about Trump we might be able to peel off some of his supporters.  This spineless group of Democrats is so weak and afraid they are even considering dropping the word Progressive altogether.

We must go all in 24/7 on Trump, let him keep his 35% of supporters, (frankly, we don’t want them} we don’t need them.  I sincerely believe we can build on the diversity which we already have.  Now is the time to challenge America on the issues Trump has made more popular than ever before. Racism, Bigotry and the ugly faces of Prejudice which divide us than unite us.  My argument is simply to remind good Americans who may be on the fence whether they should or shouldn’t support Trump or Republicans that support Trump.  It is imperative we show the many lies, conspiracy theories, he has told (and continues to do so), the racist statements he has made.  This man even had a sex fund to keep his victims quiet.  Trump’s lack of moral character goes far beyond these few examples and we’ve been told not to make it about Trump.  I can understand the Right not wanting us exposing his many flaws but I cannot understand why the Left is so fearful, “what in the hell do you have to lose”.

I’m not sure about this but, had Bill Clinton said and done all the things Trump is accused of there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for the wall to wall coverage they would do to detail his flaws.   Furthermore, Mainstream News, Conservatives, Repubs and Political Pundits would not be advising their candidates not to make it about Clinton.  The Right would not be concerned or afraid of what the media thinks.  Their goal would be to expose, highlight and magnify their opponent’s flaws so much until they change many voters minds before the election.

Now had President Obama did and said all the things Trump has done, we would be experiencing a whole nother scenario.  Perhaps we would be looking at a new law under by The Supreme Court.   I can imagine it being explained something like this:  After long deliberation and agonizing discussions whether to render life imprisonment or the death penalty, we conclude that the death penalty should be given.  Reporters would then go live on all networks to explain what had just happened and their talking point would be to say: President Obama’s day-to-day lies were what influenced the Court to come to their decision for the death penalty.  In the Black Communities, they would be saying it wasn’t his lies it was because he was screwing all those White girls and paying them to keep quiet.  In any case, I think we all could agree that such flawed candidate as Trump needs and should be exploited, exposed and magnified 24/7.

While parties are now focusing on the mid-term elections, Trump is focusing on discrediting Mueller and the entire FBI investigation of him.  Trump has tweeted more than fifty times that this investigation is a witch hunt and that there was no collusion.  I’m not sure about all that which leads me and many wondering will he be successful or will Congress be forced to Impeach base on the Mueller Report?   After all, Mueller has been pretty successful thus far.

I’m not sure about this but, we will soon find out.


*Wikipedia  United States elections, 2018

*Donald Trump Has Managed To Tell 3,001 Lies As President. Here Are Five Of His Best via @EsquireUK


(19) Twitter


The United States presidential election of 2020, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, will be the 59th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will either elect a new president and vice president through the electoral college or reelect the incumbents. The series of presidential primary elections and caucuses are likely to be held during the first six months of 2020. This nominating process is also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots selecting a slate of delegates to a political party’s nominating convention, who then, in turn, elect their party’s presidential nominee.

President Donald Trump of the Republican Party, who was elected in 2016, is eligible to seek reelection.  In the event, Trump runs and win the Republican Party as their nominee he should be boldly confronted about his character and behavior.   If lying doesn’t offend you or disrespecting women and others, Trump is definitely your man.  On the other hand, if he is not, you should vote for a candidate who’s willing to publicly disrobe Trump and deal with him on a level where he not only understands but most American will as well.

I’ve written many blogs condemning Trump’s character and if you have not had the opportunity to read any of my blogs I encourage you to do so.  I do understand how busy life can be, therefore, here are some of the comments I’ve made about Trump in previous blogs.

” Before I continue, allow me to address how Trump beat sixteen Republicans.  Trump simply out racist them.  Remember Trump proudly and boldly carried out a one year campaign against President Obama’s birth and schooling.  No other Republican was brave enough to go that far.  Meanwhile, thirty percent of White Americans seemingly were waiting for someone to be racist enough to say what Trump was saying.  Black Americans and people of color always knew the race card still exist and played a major part in America.  The false sense of Trump’s greatness to beat sixteen qualified Republicans was no phenomenon, on the contrary, it was race-baiting at the lowest level. divide and conquer”.

“Trump was born into racism, his father was a racist.  Trump is very comfortable palling around with racist people.  Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and others alike shares one common thread which binds them; Confederate Conservativism, they believe in the Alt-Right Movement.  “Take Back Their Country” is their mantra, The Alt-Right is nothing more than a dressed up name for the modern-day KKK”.

“Should we be Outraged When our democracy is broken, when we don’t enforce the rules of Law, when we allow bullies to bully?  Should we be Outraged at ourselves as well?  Already Trump has fallen short, but having fallen short after taking the oath of office, we as Americans should be Outraged”!

The official count of Trump lies is nearing a new benchmark. President Trump has made nearly 2,000 false statements in his first year as president.  New York Times as reported JUNE 23, 2017 lays out how many times and how often Trump lies.  It’s not just his lies, but his arrogance displayed (as if he’s privileged to do so because he’s RICH and WHITE, with the extra bonus of being PRESIDENT).  I must admit this is very disturbing and upsetting for me.  The many things Trump has done and said are totally contrary to what Republicans once stood for.

If Trump chooses to run again the Laws of average says he will win simply because the economy is doing fine and he is an incumbent.  That is so unless an opponent gets down in the dirt where Trump lives.  Trump’s opponent(s), must be willing to disregard the moderator, disregard the fact that it is a Presidential Debate, disregard being polite or Politically Correct.  One must be willing to get dirty, must be willing to go down to the gutter where Trump lives.  A good example of this was demonstrated by the current governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards(D-LA) when he versed then-Senator David Vitter(R-LA) for the 2016 governor’s seat.  Vitter, like Trump, needed to be confronted head-on.  It’s important you check out this link     John Bell Edwards demonstrated how to defeat a very flaw candidate in this video exchange WATCH!  Gov. John Bel Edward demonstrated that when you attack someone with the character like Trump, you must go all in without any fears, ignore the moderator if you must.  Attack Attack Attack, as Bel Edward told Vitter, in their Governor Debate “I’m telling you to your face”

I’m not advocating that Governor John Bel Edwards run for President.  I am suggesting, however, that the Democrats need a fighter as such.  Someone who is willing to bring up Stormy Daniel, the cover-ups and others like her, confront Trump on the many lies he has spoken from- President Obama’s birth, crowd size, and countless others.  Trump must be confronted on stage in the Presidential debate on these and other matters, not through media war but as Gov. John Bel Edwards puts it, “I’m telling you to your face”.

If the Democratic candidate is unwilling to get in the gutter where Trump lives and chooses to stay above the fray “When they go low We go high” they will lose. ” Dignified” has its place but when you’re trying to pull down a nasty bully like Trump one must be willing to go low where he lives to get down and dirty.  Once it’s over and you win, you can always reclaim your dignity while saving the Country.


Rachel Maddow – Sparks fly as Edwards rips into Vitter in Louisiana debate

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Debbie Sideris#WeRemember on Twitter: "McCain only wants real Presidents at his funeral not ones that got captured by Russians @realDonaldTrump #TuesdayThoughts…




Trump and the Right Wing propaganda machine has done to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as it did to President Obama, feared the hell out of them to the point of being spineless and powerless.  

The Right Wing Machine continues to be victorious doing what it does, smearing whoever stands in their way.  Naturally, the vicious attack comes from Right-wing Talk Radio and Fox News; however, the most convincing attacks often come from the (so call) mainstream media.

The Main Stream Media does what Democrats and others have done, overcompensate to the Right for fear of the Conservatives screaming, “the media is bias and unfair towards them”.

Remember President Obama in 2016?  Prior to the election, he knew of the Russian efforts trying to interfere in our Presidential election yet he said nothing because he was fearful of what Trump and the Media would say.

I love and respect President Obama, but this was a cowardly and spineless act.

We don’t have to go far to see the many attacks made on the FBI; more pointedly at Rosenstein and Mueller.   Far too many Republican Congressmen, Senators, along with Trump, and his surrogates are constantly calling the FBI too corrupted to fairly investigate.

It pains me to write this blog, but I can’t ignore what my eyes see nor my senses.

It seems Rosenstein went out of his way to make it perfectly clear, “there was no interfering or involvement from any American”.

Rosenstein sounded so much like Trump, then it hit me…they got to him!


It’s too late for MSNBC and Progressives to undo what is done.

Hopefully, we will turn out in droves to VOTE to take back the House, Senate, and the White House.

Rosenstein and Mueller did as President Obama did, took a spineless and cowardly way out…Rosenstein repeatedly emphasized that in this particular indictment, there is no allegation that these operatives had any effect on the outcome of the election. He also highlighted that Friday’s indictment does not allege that any American knowingly participated in the Russian operation.

To all my friends on Twitter, FB, Pinterest and everywhere,


We know Trump has done more wrong than any modern President…even more wrong than Nixon.  Rodseinstien and Mueller, claim, they can’t find anything wrong, we all know that’s BS!

My Fellow Americans, it’s still true= Fear plus pressure can change a person, outcomes, and situations.

I really hate to be the one to crack and fry this egg… but, my friends it over, Trump is free because


Sean Hannity media conspiracy seth rich


LeBron Raymone James (born December 30, 1984) is an American professional basketball player currently in his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). James has won three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He has also been selected to 13 NBA All-Star teams, 13 All-NBA teams, and six All-Defensive teams are the Cavaliers’ all-time leading scorer and are the NBA career playoff scoring leader.

James played high school basketball at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, where he was highly promoted in the national media as a future NBA superstar. After graduating, he was selected by his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. James lead Cleveland to the franchise’s first Finals appearance in 2007, ultimately losing to the San Antonio Spurs. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat, a controversial move featured in an ESPN special titled The Decision. James spent four seasons with the Heat, reaching the Finals all four years and winning back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, he led Miami on a 27-game winning streak, the third longest in league history. Following his final season with the Heat in 2014, James opted out of his contract and returned to the Cavaliers. From 2015 to 2017, he led the Cavaliers to three consecutive Finals, winning his third championship in 2016 to end Cleveland’s 52-year professional sports title drought.

I love and respect LeBron James or affectionately known as King James for more than basketball.  Unlike most superstar athletes, LeBron has been and continues to be outspoken on Political issues, equality, justice and fairness for all.  James doesn’t just speak from emotions, he does his homework on each issue he’s willing to support.

Maybe his Political views have made him a huge target to attack, by making it easy for Sports Commentators to report more negatively of him.   Thus saying, hundreds upon thousands end up hating him while not understanding why they hate him.  I wonder had he played it safe (like MJ) and just played ball, would he be known as The G.O.A.T.?  Most of his critics don’t realize they have been manipulated by the Political Establishment.  Unknowingly the media was used to make one think negatively of him without facts…LeBron is only guilty of speaking out on issues rather than just playing basketball and being silent.

In America, there is a price one pays for speaking out on a certain subject and obviously, LeBron James has crossed the line one too many times.

Remember Ali and Dr. King, they to were hated in real time for speaking out.  It is so refreshing for me to witness LeBron walk in their shadow with the same passion and confidence as they did.

This is only a small example of James voicing his views and position on today’s current issues, which is why they hate him and I love him:

LeBron James Speaks Out on Charlottesville … –

LeBron James speaks out on racial issues – USA TODAY

LeBron James speaks out on gun violence – Chicago Tribune

LeBron James speaks out against racism on MLK Day, takes

LeBron James speaks out against Donald Trump’s immigration

LeBron James speaks out on Trump, national … – Business In

Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James says NFL is blackballing 

LeBron James speaks out on incidents of … – NY Daily News

LeBron James who is now in his fifteenth year, is a millionaire over and yet he still plays basketball like a brand new rookie.  Arguably he could have been selected MVP every year he played.  No other player in NBA has played the game with such passion, success, and command as Lebron James this late in their career.

The new kid on the block is the same kid who stormed NBA fifteen years ago, LeBron James.

LeBron James has no rivalry, he is blessed with the ability,  talent, health, passion, and desire greater than any other NBA athlete alive.  Sports media would have you believe Golden State Warriors is his rivalry.  Notwithstanding in 2015 he forced them to a six-game final while having two major starters out due to injuries.  In the following year 2016, the Golden State Warriors had the so-call best team-best record in NBA history, winning 73 straight games.  But, because of LeBron James’ knowledge, passion and love for this sports he and his team defeated the winningest team in NBA history.  LeBron not only can score and pass the ball at will, we’ve experienced his ability to make a big defensive move, which in that game, changed destiny.  The Golden State Warriors now realized being crowned the best and winning more games wasn’t enough to defeat LeBron James.

LeBron James has nothing left to prove on the basketball court and his critics will never be satisfied.  When the NBA history books are written I’m certain LeBron Jame will be considered as the GOAT.

I think Sports Commentators, spectators and all with an opinion must consider all the facts before voicing an opinion.  One also must admit that winning championships alone is not enough to stand on.  I would hope one would consider all the statics, offensively, defensively, assist, longevity, consistency, rebound, time played, the percentage in every category comparative to others…if you did that, I believe only one name will come on top…LeBron James!

I realize many others have won more championships, scored more baskets, but none have played several different positions with different teams as well as LeBron James has.  The stats are there for all to see and compare.

Every now and then the Universe highlights our divinity of greatness.  Sometimes it’s demonstrated through activism, demonstration, leadership, music, acting, dancing, communication and in other areas.  I’m happy to witness divinity of greatness given to LeBron James in my lifetime.

 LeBron James, the greatest of all time until the end of time…

Past and Present


I realize this blog may be viewed by many as an over-kill, jumping on the bandwagon, writing about the obvious or another Trump critic.  If that is your opinion, you’re  probably right.  I would prefer to write about Trump policy, his executive orders signed, appointees he would like to have confirmed.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t give me, nor others, the opportunity to challenge him in these areas.  Sadly, we’re left with such low hanging fruits like, “is he fit for the office”, “what about his character”,  ” his staff doesn’t think he’s mentally stable” and the list goes on and on.  On a high note, I refuse to bore you with what you hear daily on television about how arrogant he is, self-center, stupid, erratic, foolish, too impulsive, lazy, watch too much television, plays too much golf, too cozy to Putin, doesn’t read, easily angered, lies often and so on…I refuse to talk about those things.  However, I cannot ignore how little respect Trump has shown to the women who asked to be heard.  Twelve women accused Trump of sexually Harassment, yet they cannot get their voices heard…so many women fall into the “Me Too” syndrome.  

Michael Wolff’s book, “FIRE AND FURY” has captured America attention like no other book has.  Four days and counting, this book is being talked about 24/7 in some form or another.

Before I continue, allow me to address how Trump beat sixteen Republicans.  Trump simply out racist them.  Remember Trump proudly and boldly carried out a one year campaign against President Obama birth and schooling.  No other Republican was brave enough to go that far.  Meanwhile, thirty percent of White Americans seemingly was waiting for someone to be racist enough to say what Trump was saying.  Black Americans and people of color always knew the race card still exist and played a major part in America.  The false sense of Trump greatness to beat sixteen qualify Republicans was no phenomenal, on the contrary, it was race bating at the lowest level. divide and conquer.

Trump is under investigation for many things and I’m not convinced that he won the election fairly.  Therefore, I’m not ready to say he beat Hillary…let’s wait until the investigation is over and all the facts are in.

In the past, I’ve written a blog called, “ACTION OF A FRIGHTEN PRESIDENT” which describes some of the behavior we’ve all have witnessed by Trump at one time or another.  Perhaps while reading this blog its very possible Trump could demonstrate just how erratic he can be.

Trump is such an easy person to poke.  All news outlet except Fox finds his character deplorable and unfit to serve as Commander In Chief.  Even sadder than Fox is his enablers; The Republican Party at large, Congressmen/women and Senators who continues to cover Trump’s ignorance of government.  But the saddest commentary of them all is when others tell him what he wants to hear rather than what he needs to hear.  His surrogates know Trump is in constant need of praise and admiration (which they do, simply to get what they want).  Meanwhile, the world and the rest of us are very concerned he may possibly start a nuclear war.   Shameful, these very same people go on television, radio and other outlets in the disguise of defending him.  Trump’s number one enabler is Deputy Press Secretary (Sarah Huckabee), who on a daily base tries to put lipstick on this pig.  Secondly, is his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (now his counselor) who often tries “Alternative Facts” to cover his lack of knowledge.  But, It doesn’t matter who the surrogates are, what matter most is what they are not doing and what they are not telling him… the truth.

We must consider all the facts, all the descriptions, all of the actions we’ve witnessed by Trump and asked ourselves as well as each other,  is he capable?  Are you comfortable knowing it’s his hand on the switch?  The thought should be frightening reviewing his past while bracing ourselves for what he might do or say next is very frightening, in fact, it’s a NIGHTMARE.

Can America take four years of living a daily nightmare?  Should America take living a Trump’s nightmare daily?

Have we’ve fallen so far from grace that we’re willing to entertain  four years of  “ACTIONS FROM A FRIGHTEN PRESIDENT”

“FIRE AND FURY” plus being frightened should give us all reason to be concerned.  Shame on the Republican party for not standing up and speaking louder.  In fact too few are not speaking at all.  Once upon a time, this party boasted about Country and Patriotism, today they’re so busy pretending to be covering for Trump, in reality, they’re just trying to stay in power…many believe they’ve lost their way.

One renown question remains daily, Is Trump mentally fit to serve as President?

My fellow Americans once again, the power is in our hand to fix, change and correct the errors the Republicans refuses to do.  We must Vote out and Vote in…in this year election.  Please ask yourself, is it fair that thirty percent of Americans control seventy percent of us.  Now is the time, more than ever before to make your voice heard.  If the seventy percent vote in the upcoming elections perhaps we will no longer wake up daily living in a NIGHTMARE.

If for some reasons you need a reminder of Trump’s character (or lack thereof) please check out Michael’s Wolff book, “FIRE AND FURY” and the links below.




My fellow Americans, let’s be honest-If the Republican Party had a candidate or President as ignorant as Trump they would be blasting him out of Politics 24/7.  If a Democrat candidate decided to continue to run in spite of the opposition I’m certain he/she would resign shortly after winning.  I can say this with great confidence from watching how both parties play the game of Politics.  Republican believes in winning at all cause (in short, do and say whatever it takes to win).  Republicans believe they have an inside advantage with the majority of Americans.  History of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK.  The Republican Party believes they can always tap into these group for votes and otherwise.  The Democratic Party believes in ideas…and a dream similar to that of Dr. King.  Nonetheless, they lack passion and ownership.  In the world of Politics, your opposition gets to have an opinion on your views, which is where Republicans (in my opinion) not only beat Democrats but destroy them and their ideas/dreams.

Looking Back

Remember President Ronald Reagan stating that “Government is The Problem”  (1996 State Of The Union Adress Jan.23, 1996)? Shortly years later, a Democratic President, Bill Clinton stood at the podium and said, “The Era of Big Government is Over”.  This was a Spinless act which emboldens the opposition while losing the argument to many Americans of the important need for Government.  Why are Democrats so Spinless and afraid to promote their ideas vigorously to the American people?  Instead, they give the appearance of trying to be Republicanlike.  When they behave in such fashion they automatically lose the argument thus, the hearts of many Americans and appear to be A PARTY WITHOUT A SPINE.

Pass Time vs Real Time

Remember Kenneth Starr (FBI investigator), who was and is a Republican Conservative (served as a federal Court Of Appeals judge and as solicitor general for George H. W. Bush.  Although Starr was supposed to be investigating the suicide death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton, Starr caught President Bill Clinton on lying about a consensual relationship he had with an intern…thus, The House Impeached him. (Compare that to Trump, who has more than twelve women accusing him of Sexual Harassment; not consensual and not one impeachment hearing yet).

Now on to Robert Mueller in May 2017.  Mueller was appointed by Acting Attorney General Rod Rubenstein as special counsel overseeing an ongoing investigation into alleged foreign electoral intervention by Russia in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election 2016.[3   Since his appointment, everyone in the White House has lawyered up.  Meanwhile, it appears the Political media is joining the Republicans in turning on Mueller (stating that he has some explaining to do).

Al Gore vs Bush

Before Bush, Al Gore debated a Senator named  Bill Bradley then the Political media loved Al Gore performance (Al breathe heavily into the mic and interrupted Bradly many times during the debate).  The Politicos never criticized Al for doing so (then), on the contrary, they loved him.  When Al debated Bush, using the same tactics the Political Media was very critical of Al’s performance.  Unbelievable critique from the same Media (against the Republican candidate Bush).  Al was left confused by the Media Love-Hate relationship shown towards him.  I guess the title of this blog could be called A MEDIA WITHOUT A SPINE as well.  Let me be clear, this spineless epidemic is mostly from and by Democrats but The Political Media should take some responsibility as well.  So many times the Media has made races which would automatically be an easy victory (but for the sake of rating) into unnecessarily competitive races…and when the wrong candidate wins the Media quickly blames the Party or the Candidate.  SPINELESS!

It seems too many in the Democratic Party is much too quick to forgive and move on for the sake of the Country.  Take for example the 2016 Presidential election.  Presently, no one is really sure if Trump won fairly (without Trump and Russia colluding together to defeat Hillary), yet the Democratic Party and the Media continue to speak as if Trump actually won…even while an investigation is ongoing to find out what happened.  On the other hand, if Republicans had any doubts or a hint of Russia helping to defeat their candidate it would be Hell to pay!  Democracy as we know it would be over.

Rush Limbaugh (to which hundreds of thousands tune in daily) is on three hours a day, five days a week promoting Republican propaganda and he is not alone.  There are Sean Hannity, Mark Lavine and many others carrying that same water all day every day.  Conservatives do not have a problem saying the same thing over and over again any place or anywhere, Radio or Television.

If Trump was a Democrat he would be forced to resign because of the Republican Machine.  The Machine consists of Republican Politicians, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio Host, Poor Whites and other groups. They know how to persuade the hearts and mind of Americans…they stay on message and speak with one voice.  Trump would be such an easy target because he has so much information on him. When you add his Mouth, lack of character, I believe Repubs would find dismissing Trump to be very easy…if Trump was a Democrat.


The Democratic Party is a Party that allow themselves to be carried by every argument their opposition presents.  Caters too much to Political Media opinion.  A no spine Party does not protect each other (remember Al Franken…compared to Trump & Moore).  It does not speak with one voice to persuade the hearts of Americans.  A spineless Party does not clearly carve out their position, belief, passion, mission, goals principles.  Instead, they are often driven back and forth like a child unable to make up its mind.  A spineless Party is one who is afraid to say BIG GOVERNMENT IS NECESSARY.  A compelling argument can easily be made to change the way many Americans, including the way conservative thinks of Government.  Lastly, A spineless Party must learn how to fight.  Today is a time to fight…Senators, Congressman, and Congresswoman should be rallying their base to march for Impeachment (every day there should be a rally going on to Impeach Trump).  It would be so easy to highlight his negative, dishonesty, moral conduct and his lies.  Trump is totally unfit for the office and most Americans already agree with that fact.  If Democrats want to stop being viewed as A PARTY WITHOUT A SPINE…then they must take ACTION, starting TODAY!


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White women elected him, will they also be the ones to destroy him?