I think if the entire Sports Complex would join hands and truly get Politically involved they could change the face of Congress, the Senate and the White House.  A few voices from the NFL and maybe a couple of voices from NBA is a start but it’s not enough to make a meaningful change.  History has proven that the majority with a loud voice can change the directions of a Nation.  Famous athletes, Entertainers, and Educators must do more than make statements, they must seriously get involved and rally the base.  When I think of our base, I’m shocked that we lose any national elections (but we do).  Just think we have the majority of Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women, Young people, Educators, Entertainers, the middle class, the poor, most sports athletes and most minorities.  One may ask, why are the three branches of Government being controlled by Conservative Repubs when we have all that base of supporters.

I’m not sure about this but, I think Democrats analyze shit too much because they don’t have a backbone.  Today they’re discussing on making the midterm elections about issues rather than about Trump (do issues but Trump must be the pig they cook).  This school of thought is beyond stupid.  To ignore the Big Pink Elephant in the middle of the living room daily is a difficult thing to do admittedly, but a spineless group of Democrats is planning on doing such a thing.  Mainstream media and so-call Progressive media (MSNBC) think it would be smart to make it an issue campaign rather than about Trump. They are so stupid and full of themselves to believe that if we don’t make it just about Trump we might be able to peel off some of his supporters.  This spineless group of Democrats is so weak and afraid they are even considering dropping the word Progressive altogether.

We must go all in 24/7 on Trump, let him keep his 35% of supporters, (frankly, we don’t want them} we don’t need them.  I sincerely believe we can build on the diversity which we already have.  Now is the time to challenge America on the issues Trump has made more popular than ever before. Racism, Bigotry and the ugly faces of Prejudice which divide us than unite us.  My argument is simply to remind good Americans who may be on the fence whether they should or shouldn’t support Trump or Republicans that support Trump.  It is imperative we show the many lies, conspiracy theories, he has told (and continues to do so), the racist statements he has made.  This man even had a sex fund to keep his victims quiet.  Trump’s lack of moral character goes far beyond these few examples and we’ve been told not to make it about Trump.  I can understand the Right not wanting us exposing his many flaws but I cannot understand why the Left is so fearful, “what in the hell do you have to lose”.

I’m not sure about this but, had Bill Clinton said and done all the things Trump is accused of there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for the wall to wall coverage they would do to detail his flaws.   Furthermore, Mainstream News, Conservatives, Repubs and Political Pundits would not be advising their candidates not to make it about Clinton.  The Right would not be concerned or afraid of what the media thinks.  Their goal would be to expose, highlight and magnify their opponent’s flaws so much until they change many voters minds before the election.

Now had President Obama did and said all the things Trump has done, we would be experiencing a whole nother scenario.  Perhaps we would be looking at a new law under by The Supreme Court.   I can imagine it being explained something like this:  After long deliberation and agonizing discussions whether to render life imprisonment or the death penalty, we conclude that the death penalty should be given.  Reporters would then go live on all networks to explain what had just happened and their talking point would be to say: President Obama’s day-to-day lies were what influenced the Court to come to their decision for the death penalty.  In the Black Communities, they would be saying it wasn’t his lies it was because he was screwing all those White girls and paying them to keep quiet.  In any case, I think we all could agree that such flawed candidate as Trump needs and should be exploited, exposed and magnified 24/7.

While parties are now focusing on the mid-term elections, Trump is focusing on discrediting Mueller and the entire FBI investigation of him.  Trump has tweeted more than fifty times that this investigation is a witch hunt and that there was no collusion.  I’m not sure about all that which leads me and many wondering will he be successful or will Congress be forced to Impeach base on the Mueller Report?   After all, Mueller has been pretty successful thus far.

I’m not sure about this but, we will soon find out.


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