Sean Hannity & “FAKE NEWS”

According to a widely reported pre-inauguration estimate, New York City was spending $1 million a day on police assigned to keeping the Trumps and Trump Tower safe.  Americans, can you imagine if Michelle Obama had sought to live in Chicago rather than The White House.  Sean Hannity & FOX News would have had a Heart-Attack over such notion.  Remember the beating she took for saying “for the first time in her life of being proud”?

The hypocrisy on the Right is embarrassing.  I cannot overstress how ugly they would have been had Michelle Obama decided not to live in the White House.  Therefore, I once again beg to ask, “Where’s The Outrage”  (where are you CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX)?

I purposely introduced you to links concerning how much tax payers paid for Obama’s expense during his administration(they were important talking point then).   However, they are no comparison to how much waste Trump’s administration has already accumulated in one month compared to that of President Obama.

Remember Sean, Rush, Fox News and others reporting how often President Obama played Golf and took a vacation?  They knew good and well George Bush took more vacations, played more Golf and signed more executive orders than that of President Obama.

It might have been painful for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & FOX  to recite such factual information.  Be that as it may, Trump is on a trend that will easily succeed President Bush and President Obama put together on spending Tax Payers money, signing executive orders, playing Golf and taking vacations.  Again, I’m encouraged to ask, “Where’s The Outrage.”    One last link worth watching, especially to those of you who thought President Obama wasted too much Tax Payers money on himself and his family.  Trump’s family has already cost taxpayers millions: …Americans, Conservatives, “Where is the OUTRAGE”  Sean Hannity & Fox News, is it hypocrisy on your part to turn a blind eye, to change the subject,  or just to ignore reality, or shall we sing with Trump’s choir “Fake News”  Sooner or later, the choir will have to listen to the lead singer.  Conservative Senators, Conservative Congressman & Congresswomen have you had enough of Trump yet?  Or, have you too joined the choir?  When Trump is caught in telling a lie and the media reports it as a lie,  Trump and his Choir call it: “Fake News”

Sean Hannity and Fox News should be embarrassed and ashamed for turning a blind eye to Trump in comparison to the onslaught they poured on President Obama ( too many vacations, too many executive orders, too much Golf rounds). One can only agree that it’s not about patriotism or being “A Great American”-You appear as a hypocrite, which is why many have often asked, “Is it true, or did you hear it on Fox News”? is curious as to how long will The Republican Party contend with Trump and his foolishness?  In a previous blog, I recited President Kennedy “Sometimes The Party Loyalty Asks Too Much”  One month of Trump has been extremely troublesome, are we as a Country, a Nation willing to tolerate four years of this?

Sean Hannity and many on FOX News, when will you speak or will you stay as a member of Trump’s Choir, “FAKE NEWS”

Melania, enjoy your apartment mansion in New York and, not at The White House (since it’s free for you) Americans are paying for it.  Trump, play as many rounds of Golf as you desire, no problem we don’t mind (anymore).  Sign as many executive orders as your heart desires, we now understand.

My final question

Who is giving you “FAKE NEWS” Sean Hannity of Fox News or your lying eyes? so, after viewing this are you outraged yet? or, is it still “fake news”


President Obama Speaks Truth About Fox News

President Obama & Family Spend $85 Million and Counting on Vacations in 8 years In the Whitehouse!

Obama Spent $770 Million in Taxpayer Cash to Renovate MOSQUES Overseas

President Obama Golfing Causes Fox News Melt Down

Donald J. Trump, in his own words (sort of) “What in Hell does he have to hide”

Illegitimate President?

Nope, it’s not Barrack Obama. Trump’s constant nagging for proof forced President Obama to produce a real live Birth Certificate of his birth.  Donald Trump’s questions were finally answered, and as we all now know, President Obama was born in America-therefore was a legitimate President Of  The United States.  Ironically many are asking whether Trump is a legitimate President. So many unanswered questions with his ties to Russian President Putin. The question of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election fairly is still questionable.  Nothing short of a full investigation will satisfy the majority of Americans to clear the clouds hovering over his Presidency.

Being Nazi-like is not American like!

Some believe that the United States under President Donald Trump will be a Nazi-like nation by the year 2019. This video provides proof that an authoritarian dictatorship that attacks the media will soon rise.

Not to belabor the point but isn’t it ironic that Trump spent more than five years calling President Obama illegitimate? To those of you who believe in caramel and that you ripe what you sow.  Well, it certainly seems Trump is finally getting his fair share.

  I truly believe the impeachment process of Trump will occur within his first 100 days as President.  The wheels of his Presidency are beginning to come off one by one.  From the onset of his Presidency Trump attacked the news media (except Fox News), calling them “fake news”.  Maybe because they question his “alternative facts”?  Americans and the News Media are stun daily with leaks coming from this administration.  We have now learned that leaks lead to resignation. Three Members of Trump’s Campaign Have Now Resigned due to Russian Ties: Manafort, Page, Flynn. Combine that With the Dossier. .

Thanks to Sally Yates, Michael Flynn’s resignation could possibly be the doorway for a full investigation into Trump Presidency (what did he know and when did he know it). Gather around Americans, grab yourself a bag of popcorn and a tall glass of Ice-Tea as Trump’s carnival is coming to your living room daily.  As Trump would probably say “It’s gonna be the huge, tremendous, the biggest, the best, the greatest show on Earth.” However, Trump won’t be laughing. Will we see more resignations?  Will the Republicans start circling the wagon?  It’s uncertain what Trump will do or say next, but we do know it will be entertaining to watch.  Trump knew Michael Flynn was high risk (the Obama administration dropped him) and the Republican Party knew Donald Trump was high risk.  Americans, do you still believe in winning by any mean necessary…necessary?

Trump once thought President Obama was illegitimate and now Michael Flynn who once called Hillary Clinton “crooked Hillary can’t tell the truth”,  just resigned for lying and compromising with Russia.

I believe a full investigation must happen to clear all questions of Trump’s legitimacy as President Of The United State Of America.  If the Republican Party ignore a full investigation, Trump Presidency will always be questionable as illegitimate.

Remove the cloud, investigate…


Remember when the Republican Party and Conservative Talk Radio criticized President Obama for what they called “An Apology Tour”

The Conservative Right had an orgasm at the notion of President Obama not recognizing America as an Exceptional Nation.  According to the Right, they saw him apologizing to other countries for our errors.  Please allow me to remind you of the onslaught President Obama faced daily during that era: “The Obama ‘Apology Tour’ is the Latest Republican Talking Point” “Obama’s ‘Apology Tour’ Critics Focus On Optics Instead Of Actions” “The Obama Apology Tour” “President Obama On apology Tour, the biggest whopper…” “Mitt Romney on the Obama Apology Tour”  The list goes on and on and on.

Republicans have no problem getting their message out, in fact, they are very good at getting the News to carry their message.

Now we have President Trump who goes far beyond apologizing,

instead, inferring we are guilty of murdering and killing as Putin, “You think our Country is so innocent”….

Sean Hannity and other Conservatives who once considered President Obama as unAmerican are now the very same people calling Trump “a great American”  even when he disrespect America values in their face and denounces America Exceptionalism on National TV.

The first three weeks of Trump’s presidency has been filled with negative leaks from members of his own administration, lies/deceptions, and daily controversy.  Publicly, the Republican Party stands by their man – yet, there is much uncertainty going on behind closed door.

Seemingly winning was/is more important than their daily argument they gave for eight years during the Obama era… Patriotism, Respect, Honesty, Love for Country, Hard working common people who are believers and carries the Bible with them where ever they go.  Yet these very same people have witnessed Trump be 100% opposite of what they proclaimed to be for, for the past eight years.  How can one explain their actions, except to conclude that The Republican Party Has No Credibility?

Trump is different from anything American History has entertained however, it is worth investigating his relationship with Putin.

 Trump has attacked members of his own party and many Democrats yet Trump has never said one negative word of Putin.  Maxine Waters, Democrats (and some Republicans who are unwilling to be known at this time)are calling for a full investigation (depending on the finding could possibly lead up to impeachment).  Many believe Putin have scandalous information on Trump that will rock more than his Presidency-perhaps his home as well.


Maybe Trump fears impeachment if the unknown becomes known.  No one knows which is why we need a full investigation to get all the facts out.

I don’t know why 56% of White female voters voted for Trump yesterday…but, I can promise you,  Trump will NEVER get that 56% again.

 The Progressive movement is stronger than yesterday and the tent is much much wider than the Conservative tent. No Religion, nor Country loyalty prerequisites necessary.  Just plain old common sense!  Americans who believe  “We Are Stronger Together” and that all lives matter are now the majority in America.  We now know more than ever before that Trump truly is unfit and