Fox News has a habit of pointing out the obvious when it comes to wasteful spending from our former President (President Obama).  It is interesting to me and many others that they don’t seem to be bothered by the wasteful spending by Trump.

Allegedly Trump won the Presidential election and with that comes living in the White House.  I apologize to anyone who may be offended by me suggesting Trump allegedly won.  According to The Huffington Post “A former FBI agent testified that President Trump helped spread fake news by embracing the stories against his opponents.  Senate intelligence committee leaders have received reports that Russia hired at least 1,000 trolls to spread fake news stories to hurt Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the presidential election.  We have since learned that aid in the form of upwards of 1,000 paid internet trolls working out of a facility in Russia, in effect taking over a series of computers which are then called botnets that can generate news down to specific areas,”  Hopefully you now understand why I suggested Trump allegedly won.

Do Fiscal Conservative still exist

I can understand an ordinary family debating on whether or not to take their child out of one school to place them into another during a school year.  The decisions an ordinary family makes often affects only them.  When one runs for President Of The United States and then wins…it’s a different story.  The decisions they make affect us all.  In this case, Melania Trump deciding to live in New York is costing us all (Tax Payers) a lot of MONEY.

It is shocking to me that neither FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity nor The Republican Party is blasting the media about not reporting on this wasteful spending.

I’m not sure as to why Trump and his family are getting a pass on living in separate State and city vs. other Presidents?  I’m not certain why playing golf and chilling at Mar Lago every other weekend is suddenly ok.  More importantly, I’m concerned and very confused why Russia’s involvement in our Presidential election seemingly is no big deal to FOX News and most Republicans.


“Do Fiscal Conservative Still Exist”

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