Imagine living in a college town/city in America.  Now imagine going to McDononald’s …do you think FOX News channel would be the most prefer channel?

Besides Baseball, Football, Basketball and Apple Pie, McDonald’s is ranked right up there when one thinks of America.  Today while eating at this particular McDonald’s  (as I’ve done often) located in Southwestern Louisiana (a college city), I decided to request changing the channel from FOX to MSNBC, or at the very least, CNN.  The Manager was very kind and respectful to my request and stated he understood the importance of alternative views.  He went on to add, he would rather have it on a sports channel.  My inward question was “why isn’t it on a sports channel”? Meanwhile, my outward question was still unanswered (As I sat there, I watched young mixed-race couples come and go).  Every visit I’ve made to this McDonald, the channel has always been on FOX News.

A survey conducted by “Gallup Poll” was posted in “Healthy Living” by Rachel Tepper stated that “8 Out Of 10 Americans Eat Fast Food At Least Once A Month, found that young adults, aged 18 to 29, eat fast food more often. Additionally, men are more likely to eat it than women, and across racial and ethnic groups, blacks and Hispanics tend to eat it most often.”  I couldn’t agree more.  This survey stated what I saw so eloquently, that all I could do was wish the Manager would respond to what he already knows.

I believe we’re all capable of making valuable changes in our society.  Protesting and Marching are effective but they are not the only ways we can make major changes in our society.  We must be willing to get out of our comfort zones, question our beliefs and judgment, pay closer attention to the diverse guests walking in and out of our businesses.

This particular McDonald’s has a unique opportunity to confront old stereotypes and question old beliefs.  My challenge to all McDonald’s Managers, especially those located in a College town/city is to have the courage to change the channel.  If you’re in a Liberal state change it to a conservative channel.  Because McDonald’s is such a staple to what America is, Managers, bare a greater responsibility to be more attune to their surrounding environment/cultural.

What if you had only 1% of your guests said, “I’ve never looked or thought of it that way”

The McDonald’s connection and Human race change will forever be a part of that individual’s life.  What an amazing opportunity…again without Protest or March.

It’s really true, we can change our neighborhood, town, city, society, state, nation and country one person at a time.


Change The Channel!



Segregation due to Jim Crow laws was prominent in the 1940’s. Although Plessis V. Ferguson was passed “separate but equal” in the 1890’s that was not always the case in the segregated institutions. The Jim Crow laws also forbade blacks and whites to marry.  African-Americans were discriminated in everything they did, Landlords could refuse to allow them to rent from them, Blacks and Whites lived in separate neighborhoods, and often times people would not allow African Americans the right to register to vote. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, but almost hundred years later African Americans are still enslaved due to oppression caused by America’s supremacist ideologies. Even though African Americans had a rough life, they were not just going to sit back and let this injustice happen. African Americans sought out opportunities to further their lives and make a better life for their family and the generations to them. In 1944 the United Negro College Fund was established, which helped fund traditionally black universities and colleges. The Average African-American living stateside was beginning to migrate to the cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and New York during the 1940’s. Due to this migration, more African Americans were creating new works of art creating a whirlwind of new entertainment to help them escape from the feelings of oppression. Richard Wright, the author of “Black Boy,” and blues musician Muddy Waters were active in Chicago during this period, while musicians Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald were performing in New York City. Although there was some stir of a movement for Civil Rights in the 1940’s the average African American was still wary for they were still facing the daily struggle of oppression.
Perhaps one of the greatest Basketball players ever Wilton NormanWiltChamberlain was born August 21, 1936.  Imagine growing up with all the above obstacles.  As a child, Wilton At Shoemaker Junior High School Wilt began to play on the basketball team. He also played on the playgrounds against older players who taught him a lot about the game. He later said, “I still think you could pick up a team from the street corners of Philly that would give most colleges a real hard time.” Wilt attended Overbrook High School in Philadelphia beginning in 1952. At that time he was already 6’11” tall, and had developed what he termed a “deep love for basketball.”  Wilt was one of nine children raised by William and Olivia Chamberlain. His father worked for a local publishing company, while his mother performed outside housework. The Chamberlains lived in a racially mixed middle-class neighborhood, and Wilt enjoyed a relatively pleasant childhood.
Black American struggle was very apparent during Wilt childhood yet his athleticism appeared to be enough to survive the struggle.
After high school, he chose the University of Kansas because of the recruiting by Hall of Fame coach Phog Allen.  At Kansas Chamberlain continued his brilliant play on the basketball court, scoring fifty-two points in his first varsity game. During his first varsity season, he led the Jayhawks to the finals of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament, but they lost to North Carolina in double overtime. During his college career, he averaged over thirty points per game and was twice selected to All-American teams. Following his junior year, he decided to quit college and become a professional.  (Because Chamberlain did not play his final season at Kansas, he was not eligible to join a National Basketball Association (NBA) team for one more year. He instead joined the Harlem globetrotters and spent the year traveling the world and entertaining adults and youngsters alike. He later claimed that his year with the globetrotters was his most enjoyable season of basketball).

In 1959 Chamberlain joined the NBA’s Philadelphia Warriors and made an immediate impact on the league. He could score almost at will. Opposing teams gave up trying to stop him and instead tried only to contain him. His scoring average during the 1959-60 season was 37.9 points per game—more than eight points per game higher than anyone else had ever scored in the history of the league. He was named both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, the first person to receive both awards in the same season.

For the next six seasons, Chamberlain led the league in scoring. In the 1961-62 season, he averaged 50.4 points and scored 100 points in one game. In 1962-63 he averaged 44.8 points per game. Chamberlain was simply one the greatest scoring machines in the history of basketball.

Despite Chamberlain’s scoring achievements, he and his teammates were not winning NBA championships. The Boston Celtics and their center Bill Russell (1934–) dominated the game in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Russell had revolutionized basketball with his defense as much as Chamberlain had with his offense, and Russell always had a great group of supporting players. Chamberlain always took a great deal of abuse from the media and fans because of his lack of success against Russell.

Finally, in 1967, Chamberlain reversed his fortunes. He had been traded to the new Philadelphia team, the 76ers, and in 1967 they finished the regular season with the best record in the history of the league. In the championship series, the 76ers polished off the San Francisco Warriors to win the first world title for Chamberlain.

Several years later Chamberlain was traded again, this time to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had featured numerous great players through the years, including Elgin Baylor (1934–) and Jerry West (1938–), but had not won a championship since moving to Los Angeles from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1960. In 1972, however, the Lakers seemed poised to finally win a championship. They finished the year with the best regular season record in history, breaking the record set by Chamberlain and the 76ers in 1967. In the championship series, the Lakers played the powerful New York Knickerbockers, led by Willis Reed (1942–), Dave DeBusschere (1940–), Bill Bradley (1943–), and Walt Frazier (1945–). In the fourth game of the series, Chamberlain suffered a fractured wrist. Although the Lakers led the series three games to one, the series still seemed in doubt because of Chamberlain’s injury. Despite the understandable pain, Chamberlain played the next game with football linemen’s pads on both hands. He scored 24 points, grabbed 29 rebounds, and blocked 10 shots. The Lakers won the game and the series four games to one, bringing the first world championship to Los Angeles.

Following the 1973 season, Chamberlain left the NBA as the all-time leader in points scored (more than 30,000), rebounds (over 22,000), and with four Most Valuable Player awards and more than forty league records. After retiring from basketball, Chamberlain was involved in a wide variety of activities. He sponsored several amateur athletic groups, including volleyball teams and track clubs. He invested wisely through the years and spent his retirement years as a wealthy man. He also kept in outstanding physical condition. When he walked into a room or onto a basketball court, he was a legendary presence.

Chamberlain gained further notoriety in 1991 with the release of his second and most talked about autobiography, A View from Above. The book contains observations on athletes of the 1990s, gun control, and his fourteen years in the NBA, among other topics. But it was the claim that he had slept with twenty thousand women that landed him in the celebrity spotlight and in the public hot seat. Reflecting upon this claim, Chamberlain regretted the way he discussed sex in the book and became a champion of safe sex. In 1997 Chamberlain published Who’s Running the Asylum?: The Insane World of Sports Today. His last book provides a critical discussion of the sports industry and the NBA, including his own ranking of basketball’s greatest players.

Chamberlain died on October 12, 1999, in his Bel Air, California, home. Chamberlain had been treated for an irregular heartbeat in 1992 and was on medication to treat the condition. Chamberlain is remembered as one of the most dominant players to ever grace a basketball court. His record of 100 points in a game is a record that will be hard to break.

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Wilt Chamberlain. 

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Because Chamberlain did not play his final season at Kansas, he was not eligible to join a National Basketball Association (NBA) team for one more year. He instead joined the Harlem Globetrotters and spent the year traveling the world and entertaining adults and youngsters alike. He later claimed that his year with the Globetrotters was his most enjoyable season of basketball.Scoring machine

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“Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, bombed the hell out of Aleppo, tried to interfere with our election. He’s just the kind of person Sister Mary Ingrid warned us about. But Donald Trump adores him. You can’t get into the Trump cabinet unless you think Putin is a great guy”(by Gail Collins of New Your Times).

Let’s back up for a moment to take a closer look at America & Trump. Many people of color remember hearing such statement as “We had to lower our standards to let y’all in” Those very same people who felt that way are wholeheartedly supporting Trump (who by most American standards is unworthy to be President). Talk about double standards…just last night Trump addressed Congress and the bar was set even lower, so low that, all he had to do was read directly from the teleprompter to get a favorable review Conservative Republicans are beating their chest once again “Trump is great”  Why are we willing to give some a pass while holding others to a higher standard?

 For the record, President Obama speech on a bad day was far better than Trump best day speech.,

I’m confused and agitated with the news media pretending to be shocked, even surprised, that Trump and Putin were communicating during the election. Are you kidding me or yourselves…It’s clear to see Putin played a major role in Trump’s victory, furthermore, it’s highly questionable that Putin has damaging information on Trump.  Maybe Trump’s Tax return will give us more information about his ties with Russia and only God knows who else.

Trump and Putin

Remember President Ronald Reagan, who believed in Peace through Strength. (Shortly after the Berlin Wall was torn down, prominent political leaders and commentators concluded that the U.S. military buildup under Reagan had won the Cold War, from the Atlantic Online).  To be clear President Reagan was no lover of Russia.  President Reagan nor the Republican Party (then) were fond of Russia or Putin. Not only is President Reagan not able to rest in peace, many Americans are troubled by the cozy relationship Trump has with Putin.  A must read blog: LOOKING AT TRUMP PUTIN RELATIONSHIP timeline There’s no need to continue to pretend, dismiss or ignore Trump & Putin’s relationship…did Russia interfere with our election or not.  An independent investigation must happen.

In less than 100 days, it seems the Bromance between Trump and Putin is coming to a head. This could be the beginning of the end of Donald Trump, impeachment will possibly be next if the facts lead to what we’re getting.

The irony of this story is that Russia was taught to many Americans to be the evil empire and now Trump is embracing with Putin as our best ally. Putin, like us, has discovered how easy it is to manipulate Trump with over the top compliments that will work most of the time.  Putin is probably laughing at how easy Trump is as he continues to play him like A Fifth Of Beethoven.

 THE TRUMP – PUTIN POWER PLAY,  to our Conservative Republicans, what more do you need for a full independent investigation?  If you truly want Trump to be President without any questionable clouds as to his deserving to be President- then you must vote for a full independent investigation.

influence by Russia? please say it ain’t so!