After years and years of Dog Whistle vote baiting, Republicans would have you believe they are surprised by what Trump said or did.  In my opinion, they created this Monster.  Republicans won many elections playing the Race card and now they’re pretending to be upset by Trump’s actions.  They are so upset that only a handful are speaking out publicly and from that handful, not one calling for resignation or impeachment.  Republicans control the House and The Senate, and yet not one impeachment hearing is underway.


Trump has elevated The Klan and other hate groups to feel welcome and empowered in this White House.  These racist Hate Groups have raised two times more money than Democrats.  One might say they’re “Fired Up & Ready To Go”.

Long before Trump, The Republican Party has repeatedly courted poor Whites to vote against their own best interests as long as they made them feel they were better than Black Folks.

   I cannot nor should you allow The Republican Party to pretend to be Outraged by what they’re now witnessing in this country.  They are as guilty as Trump and yes Blood is on their hand.  As my friend Dr. Mack Jones has often said, “Watch what they do not what they say”.  The verdict is in The Republican Party and Trump is guilty of cultivating a comfortable atmosphere for hate groups to grow.  As we witness in Charlottesville, these acts of hate groups are more likely to grow while this administration is in power.

Trump was born into racism, his father was a racist.  Trump is very comfortable palling around with racist people.  Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and others alike shares one common thread which binds them; Confederate Conservativism, they believe in the Alt-Right Movement.  “Take Back Their Country” is their mantra, The Alt-Right is nothing more than a dressed up name for the modern-day KKK.  Many in The Republican Party are as guilty as Trump.  They supported and courted race-baiting elections long before Trump.  So when Trump appointed Steve Bannon to become his Chief Strategist many Republicans said nothing.  Bannon, who is not known for being friendly towards people of color, also views his own constituents poorly.  In a recent New York Times interview Bannon described his constituents as being extreme, stupid and easily manipulated.  Nonetheless, Bannon is an expert for ramping up many Whites to feel victimized especially during the Obama Presidency.

Race baiting may win elections, but it destroys democracy.  It’s very easy to put poor people against each other.  This type of Politics does more harm than good, it divides us and if continued, it will destroy us. Furthermore, we must fight against the notion that winning is everything or to win at any cost justifies the means.

 We’ve had a Civil War in the past, but it seems The Republican Party didn’t truly learn.  Since The Civil War, they continue to push separation rather than unity.  Today’s Republicans seemingly are trying to rewrite History.  They would have you believe that The Confederate Leaders were Heroes rather than Treasonists.  Let me be very clear, they committed Treason.  Remember The Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865.  In the early 1950’s monuments, statues, streets and more were given in honoring Treasonists.  To this day, many Republicans still salute and revere the Rebel Flag as their Flag.

  In 1965 The Voting Rights Act was passed by President LB Johnson.  Upon signing The Voting Right Act, President Johnson knew he had given the South away for many years to come. History has proven him right, thus it is written


During The Clinton Bush-era, we didn’t really notice racism to the degree we now know.  It’s fair to say Trump got things started with the questioning of President Obama’s birth.  After that, many Repubs were comfortable disrespecting President Obama.  I will never forget, while President Obama was addressing The State Of The Union-Congressman Joe Wilson, yelled out, “You Lied” (because of this foolish act Wilson received more contributions and donations than he ever had; the sad truth is that he was supported by many Republicans) for a brief he became their hero.  Trump recognized that racism was still very much alive and well in America and Republicans learned that the more they pushed President Obama’s race and disrespected him, the more elections they could win (and they did).

Trump’s crowd size is large in part because he’s loud and unapologetic about being a racist.  It’s obvious Trump has helped the extreme Right feel they have a friend in The White House.

My challenge to The Republican Party is to demonstrate their concerns through actions, by having hearings on the Article Of Impeachment of Donald Trump.

In conclusion, our former Vice President gets the last word.  “This is a moment for this nation to declare what the president can’t with any clarity, consistency, or conviction: There is no place for these hate groups in America. Hatred of blacks, Jews, immigrants—all who are seen as “the other”—won’t be accepted or tolerated or given safe harbor anywhere in this nation”.


Race and Whiteness in the Era of Trumpism


*Bannon Mocks Colleagues and ‘Alt-Right’ in Interview



*Biden says Trump has ’emboldened white supremacists’


It’s very apparent now that the Trump picture is 20/20 clear.  He’s a fascist sympathizer.  Trump has made it impossible for his defenders to claim Trump was taken out of context, misunderstood or his comments were/are misrepresented.  In fact, we know now his staff prepared him for his bizarre press conference today.  All bets are off, Trump made it very very clear that he sympathizes with White Supremacy.  America heard Donald Trump for themselves, defend the KKK.  Trump described them as the real victims.  Journalists and major News outlet are perplexed, outraged and confused by Trump words and actions.

During a heated press conference in New York on Tuesday, President Trump defended Confederate monuments while incorrectly blaming much of the deadly violence in Charlottesville over the weekend on “alt-left” protesters.   Meanwhile, many people of color are outraged for different reasons (many people of color were already convinced of who they knew Trump to be).  Trump missed the real point…many Black Americans are uncomfortable with the Rebel Flag, Slaves Owner, and Slavery.  Instead, Trump tried to help the Klan feel comfortable with their hatred “blame on both sides”. Historically his views have been wrong on so many fronts and my fellow Americans, he’s wrong now.  Trump further included that the group on the other side were far worse.  “Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee,”  Mr. Trump went on to say “This week, it is Robert E. Lee, next week, Stonewall Jackson.  Is it George Washington next? You have to ask yourself, where does it stop”?  He said nothing that the first American president had owned slaves.  Mr. Trump said that the portrayal of nationalist protesters in the city were not all Nazis or white supremacists, and he said it was unfair to suggest that they were.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, as he boldly stood there stating his belief.  This man can never be President to me nor for me.

America is a country without a President, which is why we must


Republicans, are not totally innocent…Remember they courted the far Right for many years, especially in close elections.  We all know when you repeatedly play with fire, you destined to get burn.  Repubs just got burned having this guy as their leader.  If Repubs continue to protect and defend this empty suit of a Clown they too need to be removed!  Speaking of removal, the Russia connections dots are lining up even more.  The Arc of the moral Universe bending towards Justice may take time, but it doesn’t bend on it’s on.  All of us including Republicans must condemn Racism in the strongest way possible.  Without any regrets or apology.  After Trump’s press conference KKK David Duke twitted “Thank You Mr. President”…as ugly as it has Duke summed it up rightly for the Klan’s.

I must confess that I and many on the Left hate everything about Trump.  Trump is guilty as sin, he’s a terror sympathizer, disrespect women and people of color.  People of color believe he won the Republican primaries simply because he doubted President Obama citizenship as an American.  Trump and his supporters hated the first Black President so much that they were willing to elect this clown as President  (his lack of knowledge and Political understanding was irrelevant to them).


The obvious… race must be discussed in depth in America, are White Americans really ready to deal with this ugly wound in our history?  The Republican party must own much of Trump as Trump display his hatred and ignorance.  As previously mentioned, Republicans played the race card (dog whistle to the far right; kkk) on numerous occasions during election seasons.

Must Trump be removed from the Presidency for our country to heal and move forward?  Do we Americans, deserve someone with better character, more intelligence to hold such a highly prestigious office?

One thing I know for sure, we don’t need a racist sympathizer.

Americans, please search your heart…why do we hate people of color?  Why can’t Conservative Talk Radio stop with the WE vs THEM…THEY vs US, and of course there’re favorite, “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY” dialogue 24/7?

My fellow Americans it’s 2017 and I’m saddened to say racism still is too much alive in America…We must STOP, “IN THE NAME OF LOVE”

Lastly, can someone help me understand this dichotomy…how is it that neighbors in America’s towns, communities and other segments of this Nation on a daily basic demonstrates true compassion for one another.  In fact more often than not they, help each other, laugh together, fight together, play sports together when one loses a loved one they even cry together.  I’m  dumbfounded as to how these very same people more often vote against each other’s best interest. I’m totally confused and left perplexed trying to understand our divide.  A more pointed question I wish to add is what is it or why is it, so many White American hate Black people so much?  I hope someone out there will enlighten me so that I am no longer confused.

The saddest commentary of it all is that lives were lost on Aug. 12, 2017, in Charlottesville Virginia{At least 3 dead, 19 injured as a result of Saturday’s violence}by the Alt Right who Trump describes as “many good people on their side”.  Please give a moment of silence for those who died including  Heather Heyer.  Heather was a paralegal who assisted clients through bankruptcy she dedicated her life to standing up for those she felt were not being heard.  Heather was OUTRAGED with Trump racist tendency, lack of MORALS & CHARACTER, Outraged by Trumps’s many lies, to be more direct Heather was beyond OUTRAGE to know Trump was UNFIT to be President.   


“In The Name Of Love

*For more info check out History of Confederate Symbols TVONE/Roland Martin and C-Span.

Get the facts!


Trump has given The White House and the Presidency a whole new makeover.  Pundits, Historians and we the people are mesmerized by the day-to-day leaks coming from this White House.  To add insult to injury, never have we experienced a President who lies often, threatens others openly, insults his Attorney General he selected, insults and tries to discredit “REAL” News.  Trump has proven he’s capable of denying all facts of his involvement and collusion with Russia.  It seems no matter how low journalists set the bar, Trump proves he can go lower.

Hardball with Chris Matthews of MSNBC gives a scolding review of the ACTIONS OF A FRIGHTEN PRESIDENT so clearly and vividly for all to see and understand (please check out the links at the end of this blog to enrich even more the full context of what I’m saying).

As we all know,  Fear is said to be the most powerful emotion known to humankind. More powerful even than love. Our very survival depends on it.  Fear is triggered in the most primitive part of our brain. The part responsible for alerting and protecting us from danger.  Keeping one safe, in Trump’s case, from getting Impeached and going to jail.


What Emotions Do Sociopaths Feel?

They are good at imitation and impression management. They spend their entire lives watching people, mimicking and mirroring them.  Trump seems to experience anger and envy in full force, though any rages he displays are short-lived.  He probably does not feel fear in the ways that normal people do, and so they cannot truly be depressed, or anxious, or stressed.  Many sociopaths use anxiety and depression as pity plays.  I believe Trump knew he was lying when he first called real News, “FAKE NEWS”.  Trump prefers to be viewed as colorful and grand as his language: “The Best” “The Greatest” “Tremendous”  “Huge” are just a few ways he would like the media to see him.

Fear of exposure

The second thing that a sociopath fear is exposure. He fears that people will find out who he really is. He will go to great lengths to cover for himself.  A sociopath is capable of compulsive pathological lying, manipulation, and deception. He will go to great lengths and be very creative to hide his real true self

It’s not that the media is fixated on Trump and Russia, but it is Trump himself who continues to tweet and knowingly make false statements of his involvement with Russia, which makes this News interest even more fascinating than it would have been otherwise.  So now all the questions begin…”what did he know and when did he know it”

Trump is behaving like a guilty person, seeking pardons before being charged.  C’mon Repubs, that’s laughable on its face.  Why would an innocent person seek pardon before their trial???

On a serious note, I’m very concerned about this country called America.  To be in the hands of, “ACTIONS OF A FRIGHTEN PRESIDENT” is dangerous.  The decisions made by a fearful person can possibly destroy us all and possibly destroy our democracy as we know it.  It is my hope that Prosecutor Muller quickly gets to the bottom of this investigation so that our liberty may live, justice is served and democracy is saved.

Finally, many of us know what it is like to live with or be around a fearful person, to add on ones who’s personality possibly labeled as a Social path.  Will he/she lie, lie to me, attack me, threaten me or people I know, destroy evidence,  mischaracterize the facts/in short lying, fire innocent people.  My fellow Americans, there is no telling what this person will do when they are fearful and frighten.  We cannot, nor should we risk such neurotic behavior (too much is at risk).  It clearly appears Trump is out-of-control and needs to be removed.


*psychopathfree articles were most helpful in writing this blog.  Thank You!