Can AMERICA Take 4 Years Of TRUMP

Before I get started with my current blog, please review some of my previous blogs: “DANGEROUS RICH, ARROGANT, WHITE & PRESIDENT” “SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP OR IMPEACHED” “TRUMP MEDIA WAR” “TRUMP and ALEX JONES” “DONALD TRUMP, had enough yet” “TRUMP and PUTIN” “Illegitimate President” “WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE” “Why Do Republicans See Themselves As Victims” “Sean Hannity & “FAKE NEWS” & “REPUBLICANS WIN? BUT LOSE CREDIBILITY”  In every blog, I challenge Trump, his administration, and his supporters to be an honest defender.  Six months in and it feels like more than a year.  I think we’re all learning something here, not expectantly, that we’re entertaining a fool 24/7 and it is exhausting.  Obviously, Trump is used to being who he is, but for most of us, especially those in the Political arena, find it unbearable to put up with such a foolish person day in and day out.

Can we, (or even a better question) are we equipped to tolerate someone like Trump for four years?  {Don’t mean to remind you of his infamous bus ride, “Grab her by her Pu**y”}

The firing of Comey, “Who can I Pardon”, “Can I pardon myself”???  This guy is dirtier than dirt.  No one with such character should ever be rewarded, and to do so will only embolden his ignorance even more.  Trump is ignorant enough…why embolden him?  Repubs, when will you call Trump out in public as you do in private?  Is there anyone in your party willing to tell this President he’s Naked?  President John F. Kennedy continues to encourage us from his grave, “Sometimes The Party Asks Too Much”.   Repubs, here’s your moment to step up and speak out LOUD!

So where are we now???

Did Trump and his administration collude with Russia?  Did Trump, his son, son-in-law and his administration lie about their involvement with Russia prior to the Presidential election?  Are we to believe,  according to Trump, Sean and many members of Fox News, anyone questioning or investigating Trump & Russia is considered as “Fake News”?

It seems every day with this administration we wake up to chaos…

Trump either tweets some stupid shit or one of his surrogates will say something dumb.  In either case, Trump and his administration is too much to entertain for four years.

We are a Country of Laws, Order, Character, Moral rules…all of which Trump is not.

In light of these facts


Has Trump numbed us that we’re no longer OUTRAGED by his ignorance, his actions, his words?  If so, we as a country cannot and will not continue to be who we say we are.  We cannot allow this kind of behavior to dictate our way of life.  More importantly, we cannot allow Trump to continue to be President.  Obviously, he’s unfit and we’ve heard enough, seen enough and frankly, we’ve had enough.   Republicans, what ever happened to character?   I use to believe that character was the foundation of leadership.  Although Trump spoke at a Scout rally, he doesn’t uphold the standards that The Scout Laws promote: “A Scout is Trust Worthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient Cheerful, Thrifty,  Brave,  Clean and Reverent”.  Being married multiple of times and bragging about his sexual encounters, didn’t stop Pat Robertson and The Religious Right from anointing him.

My fellow Americans I’m exhausted from the lies, deceptions and double standards.  I hope you are too, with every day being a new scandal which is why I ask,


Republicans are now peddling a new line to push upon us, that goes like this:  The President and his Administration are new at this, they didn’t know when they were lying or when they met with Russia, it was wrong.  Americans, Repubs are asking you and I to be as ignorant as Trump, his sons, daughter, son-in-law, and his administration.  “CAN AMERICANS TAKE FOUR YEARS OF TRUMP”?

I hope not.



DANGEROUS rich, arrogant, white & PRESIDENT


Trump’s Presidency has caused us to go from surprised, to embarrassed, to confused, and to out right accepting lying as an acceptable excuse to refute facts.

 New York Times as reported JUNE 23, 2017 lays out how many times and how often Trump lies.  It’s not just his lies, but his arrogance displayed (as if he’s privileged to do so because he’s RICH and WHITE, with the extra bonus of being PRESIDENT).  I must admit this is very disturbing and upsetting for me.  The many things Trump has done and said are totally contrary to what Republicans once stood for.

The media has done a good job keeping us all informed of his connections with Russia, as well as, the contradictions made by him, his family and his administration.  My frustration is greater than what is reported on TV, my frustration is probably that of many people of color frustrations; especially Black Americans.  Among many Black Americans, the conversations begin much like this:  “What if President Obama allowed Michelle or one of his daughters to sit in his place” or “What if President Obama fired the investigator probing his administration” or ” What if President Obama met with a Russian agency to get dirt on Romney”…this kind of thinking and talk goes on all the time among many Black Americans.  So, when we’re asked to comply, accept and conform, we lash out because we’re ANGRY and OUTRAGED at the blatant double standards that are being displayed right before our very eyes for all to see.

Can we both agree that people with very little money management skills probably do foolish things.  Now add in Wealth, Arrogance, White Privilege and being President Of The United States.  I think one can easily conclude that there is a DANGEROUS person in charge.  For the first time it’s crystal clear we’re living in a divided country.  The worst of us voted (many who did not vote in the past two Presidential elections) for Trump (from many Black perspective, because he disrespected President Obama and doubted his citizenship as an American).  Trump did and said what many whites were saying privately, thus he became their President.

There is no need to pretend that The State Of Our Union Is Strong (Please stop with the lies as we get enough of that from Trump).  The State Of Our Union is not strong.  In fact, it is divided more than ever before.  Trump has made, at the very least, 37% of White Americans feel comfortable being a racist vs more Blacks and people of color feeling more anger towards the America they now see.   These people of color are not ready to join hands and sing, “We Shall Over Come Someday”

AMERICA if you are as disturbed and OUTRAGED as I am, (and many people of color are) allow those of us with opposing views speak out and be televised in areas where Trump supporters live.  If I had the power to compose a list to communicate our OUTRAGE to Trump supporters I would have Charles Blow, Ana Navarro, Dr. Mack H. Jones, Dr. Franklin Jones, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Major Smith, YOU and perhaps me…Point is, we are OUTRAGED at this double standard given to a RICH, ARROGANT, WHITE MAN who happens to be PRESIDENT.

The temptation to write about what is on tv daily and is obviously controversial, crossed my mind.  Maybe I fumbled, maybe I missed an opportunity, or maybe I just wanted to write what I felt and what I hear from many who are disturbed.

POWER given to a FOOL is frightening.

DANGEROUS, rich, arrogant, white & PRESIDENT…now, this is the most frightening of them all. …





Advertisers, Political Media, News and your everyday Americans, why is it when Repubs (Sean, Rush and others) push an agenda or make an outcry, the media carries it wholeheartedly?  Everyone in America remembers “LOCK HER UP”.  Now we have FACTS about MICHAEL FLYNN, so why isn’t every American repeating “LOCK HIM UP”?  President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser did not properly disclose payments from Russia and may have broken the law…should we/Congress follow through his Conventional request pertaining to Senator Clinton, “LOCK HER/HIM UP”, or should we overlook his guilty position?  Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, said  “As a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from Russia, Turkey or anybody else. And it appears as if he did take that money. It was inappropriate.  And there are repercussions for the violation of law,”  As a result, Flynn was forced to resign from his role as Trump’s national security adviser, but only after it was discovered he withheld information about discussions he had with Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. Flynn is one of four former Trump aides at the center of the FBI’s probe and is a top target for House and Senate investigators as well.  Since he resigned, Flynn has retained a lawyer and has offered to testify in exchange for immunity from prosecution.  Again I say, “LOCK HIM UP”



How does one fire the investigator that is investigating you; on its face screams unlawful and guilty?  Respectable Congressman/women and Senators did nothing except allow Trump to do as he pleased.  The State Of Our Union couldn’t be weaker.  Regardless of Party, COUNTRY should come first.  Reportedly the Demos have been branded as spineless and Repubs as being hard-hearted.  Many Americans are left almost hopeless knowing they are dealing with a spineless and hard-hearted group of people in power that are unwilling to do anything to stop this tyrant.  Mr. Trump’s decision to fire Mr. Comey marks the President’s latest law enforcement purge. In late January, Mr. Trump fired Sally Q. Yates, who had worked in the Obama administration but was serving as acting attorney general. In March, he fired Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, after assuring the prosecutor months earlier that he could stay on. But the President’s firing of Mr. Comey was far more consequential.  Trump has proven that too much investigation on Russia is not good for his administration.  My question is, why are many with power not pushing back? via @nytvideo .  As he explained to Lester, Comey must go…So, you criticized his remarks, made fun of it, entertained his ignorance but in the end did nothing.:



People of Colored (Black Americans especially) has learned what we’ve already known, if you’re white you can do what people of Color cannot do.  Be Prejudice, Ignorant, Nasty, Disrespectful, Ignorant to Facts, Foolish, Bully, Loud, Stupid,  Don’t read, watch TV for 5 hours or more…and become President.  Horray America, for proving to us what we already knew!  Now as for Trump attacking the media, that is an easy eye opener.  He’s hoping they will become too fearful to continue to disrobe him.  Any facts reported, if it appears negative, Trump will quickly cry “FAKE NEWS” in hopes the media and many Americans will not give it attention.  It is important that the Media keep the pressure on TRUMP in spite of The Right Wing Media Propaganda machine.

Final note, many Black Americans, Progressives and people of color believe the soul motivational reason for Repubs energy to Repeal and Replace Obama Care is that it was introduced by our first Black President.

Brace yourself America, we could be in for a New Civil War!  I hope not.  Will there be a CivilWar if Trump is Impeached?  The Crazy Right is as mad/maybe, even more, than Trump and is armed to fight against anyone trying to destroy their guy, TRUMP!

Tom LoBianco and Manu Raju, CNN