The Democrats are often viewed as spineless. The Political News Media has been their loudest critics.  “They don’t speak with one voice”, “too quick to compromise” and seemingly too timid to take the fight to their opponent.  All these factors are true, but is The Political News Media in a position to make that argument?  TV News host Don Lemon is having to encourage Political Correspondents to have a backbone and stand together  (to do what they say Democrats should do).  I’m happy to see that at least one Reporter has had enough.  Brian Karem pushed back very strongly and I hope his attitude encourages others to do the same and CNN Political Commentary Don LemonCNN’s Lemon Calls on Media to Disobey White House, Turn on Cameras



It’s really a Tax Cut…This Bill is cruel. CBA score 22 million will go uncovered if passed.  When President Obama and The Democrats were busy trying to create a Health Care Bill fair enough for Repubs to join along, they compromised their position (even though it wasn’t the best they could have done since many believe Single-Payer would have been better), for the so-call spirit of Bi-Partisanship. That is why we currently we have, The ACA.  The shoe is now on the other foot.  Repubs have been salivating for two terms about Repeal & Replace.  We’re now learning many of their constituents are not happy with what the Repubs are offering.  Trump just realized that Health Care is very difficult.  Please watch the following links to enjoy and appreciate this post: and Chris Mattew Of Hardball:




Hollywood critics have been very unkind to this movie.  Hip Hop industry is also split on this movie.  Word on the street is, John Singleton would have done a better job producing and making this movie.  After watching the movie, I encourage all to go see the movie, “It is really GOOD”. Trying to capture a life as complex as 2Pac in an hour and a half is a major task.  This movie moved, gave insight, entertained and made you feel Pac was actually alive telling his own story.  I must admit watching the actor portray Pac was an eery feeling (because he favors Pac so much) while watching.  Go and see this movie, damn the critics…check it out for yourself, as I did…I Loved it!



Here’s a BONUS from All Of President Donald Trump’s Lies…,  Thank you all for following and enjoying my blogs.  Please feel free to follow me on Twitter.



One of the most perplexing and confusing thing for me is nearly 40% of White Americans believe and support Donald Trump.  I wonder if they’ve heard the things which come out of his mouth?  Have they watched his behavior… tweeting in wee early morning hours, seemingly not understanding the importance of words coming from The President?  Are they aware of his love, respect and support for Alex Jones?  If Trump supporters understand all of these character issues (and even more), and still supports him, there are words to describe them: Deplorable, Prejudice, Ignorant, Hateful, Insensitive towards others, Stupid, Insecure, Afraid, Weak, Spineless…

 Alex Jones is despicable, and yet, he has the ear of The President.  I find this to be disturbing, I wish it would be disturbing to his base as well.

Dr. King was a great man who gained respect and made improvements for Black Americans, as well as, both genders and people of color at large.  We are now living in a different era and time.  The extreme right (Trump & Alex Jones supporters) vs. Black Americans, Women, All People of Color who are unwilling to hold hands and sing together “We Shall Over Come”.

A Revolution is on the rise, not because I hope so or say so, but because its almost impossible to have two sides with such strong conviction of their beliefs of what they think America is or should be.  “Take Back My Country”,  “Make American Great Again” are celebrated slogans with the extreme Right, while being offensive to many people of Color.  When the extreme Right wins an election, they become more embolden thus qualifying their beliefs.  On the other hand, People of Color are equally enraged and angered by the notion that the other side is winning with prejudice over equality, Race over Justice.  There will be no turning the other cheek, The New Civil War is on track to collide, RACE vs. RACE, so brace yourself.

Trump does nothing to reduce the ANGER.  I think he purposely does things to enrage the anger like placing Dr. Ben Carson over HUD (simply because his Black, but have no knowledge of HUD).  Selecting Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary (simply because she’s a women), and to add insult to injury, Trump added Jerry Falwell Jr. as Education Task Force.  Appointments like these and many others assure me that something BAD is gonna happen…  But let me be clear, I Hope Not!

The President Of The United State words are POWERFUL!  The sad news is we do not have a real President.  We’re expecting a CON MAN, A TV Entertainer to all of a sudden have the character, speak like and act like a President.  Trump is not that man and is never gonna behave like a traditional President.  Remember the characteristic of the extreme Right, they elected him…he embodies them, same mind set, same character behavior.  Keeping this in mind helps me to understand Trump attraction to Alex Jones.  Although Megyn Kelly got a lot of abuse for airing Alex Jones we must not over look the facts she reported.  Take Notice of The President stationary paper at the bottom,  it refers you to go to Alex Jones website.

So, when Trump cries about not trusting the press, we can now better understand why the Press, nor 48% of Americans does not trust Donald Trump. We now know Trump trusts and supports Alex Jones.  This duo is too toxic to accept…CHANGE MUST HAPPEN.  No one like Alex Jones should have influence, much less access to The President.   Alex Jones is not for ALL AMERICANS!  But Trump respects and admires him…that’s a problem!!!



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